Who is Hosting the most refugees?



Really annoying


I’m watching right now a Lebanese TV program on MTV called “Min el ‘Ekhir” (from the end). What really got on my nerve is one of the guests, Elie Hatem. Elie came 3rd in 2009 in Karaoke World champion. You may wonder why he got in my nerve. MTV Lebanon is a Lebanese TV station. The program “Min el Ekhir” is a Lebanese program. The guests are Lebanese. The audience is 100% Lebanese. Elie Hatem pretended that he can’t  speak 2 words in Lebanese. He spoke mostly in English. Elie Hatem, guess what? For me you looked so silly speaking Lebanese and mixing it with 90% English. This doesn’t make you cool. this makes you an … Oh by the way, you massacred Sinatra song New York New York …

ISIS and Nusra


From those who missed it and specially for those who insisted that there is a difference between the two groups. Both, ISIS and Nusra, were involved in Arsal attack. They attacked the Lebanese army posts, killed and kidnapped its soldiers. The estimate number of the attackers according to news reports around 2,000 terrorists. Military analysts said that the attack was well planned. So for those who lied to their supporters for the past year, Arsal attack proved that there is a military coordination between ISIS and Nusra group, at least in Lebanon. Just to correct the compass of few people.

Why don’t you shut-up?


There is nothing worst than trying to figure out if the name of a Lebanese army Martyr is someone you know from thousands of miles away. I wanted to pick up the phone to find out if it’s really him the minute I read the name. I didn’t. I was afraid to confirm my fears. The next day I searched online newspapers, blogs and social medias trying to figure out more about this martyr. I found out he lived in where I once lived. My fear increased. I switched my search for a picture of him. A recent one. I found it on a friends blog. My fear was confirmed. The young kid with whom I walked with to school,  joined the boy scouts, the young men with whom waited for the school bus to give us a ride when we moved to another school, the young men whom I remembered from school days,  the pizza we ate with other friends and then walking down the street of our neighborhood singing “the Yellow Submarine”, he was killed yesterday by terrorists who invaded the village of Arsal in Lebanon.

I remembered that I still have a picture with him, in the high school playground, its in a box somewhere back home. Yesterday, I watched some clips online about Lt. Colonel Dani Harb returning to his family in a box, part of his funeral, what his brothers and friends said …. I have to admit, this is the first time I feel so helpless and disgusted when I learn about the loss of a person. I have lost close people during Lebanon wars. I’ve lost young family members, friends, neighbors …. but never felt like this. In the past, I put their death on a side and always find a positive way to explain their death. They died for the country, for a cause, there are martyrs, …. . Not this time. Now I feel anger and disgust. Dani died for a cause he believed in. As an army officer, he died defending the retreat of his soldiers, the sovereignty of his county and the freedom of his people. He gave his life defending his beliefs. I salute him. I admire his dedication and his courage. My words are not enough to thank him for what he has done or to bring any relief to his wife, kids and parents.

My anger is directed towards all Lebanese politicians and their supporters. While the Lebanese army still fighting the terrorists in Arsal and the blood of the martyrs and wounded didn’t dry yet, Lebanese politicians went back to their bickering and pointing the fingers at one and another. Some deputies even supported the terrorists and stood against the army. Their supporters followed them, as they do usually. What a shame. Dani and his fellow soldiers are dying for these scum? I thought after the Syrian army withdrawal from Lebanon, the Lebanese people will bring to power a new bread of politicians. I thought they elect pick people who will respect what they went through and will make sure that they will never have to live another battle. I thought …. I was wrong. I should have known better. I should have known better. When people were massacred in Mount Lebanon in the 80′s, others where in the clubs and casinos. How could I ever thought they will change? I’m a big fool because I though that Lebanese will rise against those who dragged them to war and will turn the country to a heaven on earth. Instead they turned it to a prostitute that is being used by regional and international country to settle their scores in Lebanon. Dani and those who believe in a free country are the only one who are paying the price. The others are collecting the fees.

I don’t ask you for much now. All I am asking from the politicians and their blind followers to shut-up. Shut the hell up for few days. Let us mourn the loss of people we know in peace.

Turn off Your Walkie-Talkie Shamel


“Turn off Your walkie-talkie Shamel, and starts destruction” اقفل جهازك يا شامل وابدأ بالدمار الشامل. This sentence was written on a picture of Brigadier General Shamel Roukoz and shared on social media. Roukoz is the head of operations in Arsal area. Lebanon debate site wrote an article about it and in it they addressed the Brigadier General with a letter of support. The author of the letter asked him to:  “Turn off your walkie-talkie Shamel and declare it a war with out any political calculation.  A war against terrorism, against the killers.  Against people with sick souls. Declare it a war with no pity. Do not wait for the politicians, all politicians, those who trade with the blood of the Lebanese army. Declare it a war, and avenge the blood of our martyrs who fell in Diniyeh, Nahr al-Bared,  Ain Alak, Abra and Arsal … “. You can read the full letter on this link.

No terrorists in Arsal


For the past couple of years, we have heard politicians, political leaders, MPs, …. saying that there are no terrorists in the town of Arsal. For the past 4 days, the Lebanese army lost over 16 martyrs, dozens of wounded and 22 missing soldiers in their fight against terrorists. It is not the time to point fingers at these politicians. But what I don’t understand how some politicians still insist on justifying the presence of these terrorists. By justifying their presence, in a way, you are supporting them.

It is time to stand us one behind the Lebanese army to limit what is happening in Arsal to the town itself and to make sure that the army has all political support to finish its job.

Later on, we will point the fingers of the reasons why these terrorists entered Lebanon and why some political line kept saying they didn’t.

The danger spread from Mosel in Iraq to the village of Arsal in Lebanon. The danger must end once for all in Arsal so it will not spread all over the country. In order to do so, we need exceptional decisions taken by exceptional leaders to limit the damage to Arsal. This is the real danger and problem. We do not have exceptional leaders. We have low-level leaders who have bickered for the past 2 years and led us to what is happening today in Arsal. Will few of them rise to the occasion? Will they let the army do its job?

Will you, Lebanese citizen, push the leaders you have elected to rise to the challenge? The country doesn’t need your social network messages. It doesn’t need your national songs. It doesn’t need the signs of support that you raise in your streets in support of the army. They country needs you to put pressure on your elected leaders, MPs, …. to take exceptional decision and to drop their bickering that led nothing but to a disaster. A bickering that forced the army to give once more martyrs on the altar of Arsal.


“Noun” to support the Christians of Mousl – Iraq?


Mousl in Iraq has been emptied of its Christians. They fled amid threats to convert or die. Mosul is considered the second largest city in Iraq. It housed around 60,000 Christians. Today no Christian is left in Mosul.

Muslim extremist group ISIS ordered all Christians to convert to Islam or get killed.  They left.

The end of Christianity in Iraq is very near. Two million Christians called Iraq home before operation desert storm. Many have left during the wave of attacks against them in Baghdad and other regions years ago and the rest have been forced to flee today.

Who is to blame? We can blame many factions. The West for creating the fiasco in Iraq and the region. The Arab regimes who supported Muslim extremists for many reasons. The Christians themselves. Yeah the Christians of Iraq. They should have reacted long before. They should have seen this coming. After all what happened in the pas years, they should have predicted that the time will come and they will be attacked and forced to leave. They saw what happened in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. They saw what happened during the waves of attack with car bombs and executions after. With the rise of ISIS in the region, they should have seen it coming. What did the Christians of Iraq do since the 1990′s? They relied on the Iraqi government for security. This would be normal if the country runs normally. They could have learned the lessons from the Christians of Lebanon. Lebanese Christians saw the danger coming. They experienced it in 1958. What did they do? Instead of staying idle, they started by training and arming themselves. This could have been an option to Iraqi Christians. Out of 2 million Iraqi Christians, they could have mobilized a hundred thousand to defend them.

Where we ended up today? Iraq empty of its Christians, France offering them asylum (maybe this was the plan from the beginning).  This was the plan for Lebanon, but Lebanese Christians defied it, paid the price by blood, lost a bit of their political power but they are still alive and doing relatively well in Lebanon.  In Syria, the Christians are clinging to a dictator hoping he will save them from the outcome of Iraqi Christians. In Lebanon, the Christians leaders are drowning in their ego and alliances and if they don’t pull their shit together, they will face the same outcome.

Charles Malek, in his article “A lot is required from Maronite Christians”, he wrote: “If free Christianity fell in Lebanon, and Lebanon is its last stronghold in the Orient, it will end not only in the Middle East, but also in Asia and Africa.  This responsibility is serious and dangerous!  The Maronites are the first responsible of this free Christianity in front of her divine providence. Are they aware of this responsibility?  Do they realize the danger? Do they understand the significance of what they have been entrusted with? Are they ready to carry it in front this holy providence and history? Are they able to carry this burden?”

Where are the Maronites of Lebanon? Can they carry the burden? They did for a while. They stood up and defended until the day they got divided and fought each other.  Since that day decadence took over. Since the 1990′s they are in a free fall. They can’t change because their leaders don’t want them to change. Their leaders own existence is based on this division. Yet the supporters, with all what is going on in Lebanon and the region, can’t realize that this division is the end of free Christianity as Charles Malek put it.

What can the Christians of Lebanon do? Sadly, all they can manage is an online campaign to post a “Noun” (N in Arabic) on a Facebook status, a tweet about it or wear a t-shirt with “Noun” on it.

What a tragedy …  What a loss …. what and end ….

260 Arab intellectuals against ISIS


Bravo to these 260 intellectuals. They stood up against the expansion of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ). There is always hope in this Arab world. There will be a better future if regional and international country support the intellectuals and not radical groups to make political or geographical changes in the region. 

The Intellectuals saw in the expansion of ISIS and their declaration of the Khilafa, as a serious threat to the rights to freedom, justice and peace of the people of the Levant.  To read parts of the statement in English, follow this link. The Arabic statement is on this link (this one has the names of all 260 Arab intellectuals who signed the letter).

Let us hope regional and international powers to not bank too much on ISIS to make the changes in the region like they put their bets on Muslim Brotherhood couple of years ago.

Note: I wish the media stops abbreviating the name of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. ISIS should always stay for the ancient Egyptian goddess.

The Logic of Lebanese Minister of Justice

ashraf rifi

Many voices started to demand that Lebanon should impose a visa entry on the population of the Gulf area. This demand came after the bombings of the past few days in which several Saudis were involved in. The reply of the Minister Rifi, the Minister of Justice was: “there is no need to impose an entry visa on Gulf States and if we do so, we must impose it on the Iranians too.” So far, the bombers are Saudis. No Iranian was found guilty of these bombings. Any state, that respects itself and the lives of their citizen, after knowing the nationality of the bombers, the least thing it needs to do is impose a visa entry to have time to call their countries and do a background check on them. But in Lebanon, security doesn’t mean a thing, what matters these days is to make sure to fuel the Sunnite/Shite war. The logic is to impose visas on all countries that their citizen are involved in the bombings and not to penalize other countries to please the Qataris or Saudis.

What if …

What If ...

STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon posted on their facebook page this picture. They said it’s circulating on Facebook with a caption “What if…” It would be nice to live on an Island but I am pretty sure the Lebanese will make sure to mess it up. In addition, don’t you think we will need inside waters to separate different communities?



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