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No respect ….

faycal el-khoury

Couple of days ago, I attended a dinner fund-raising for my friend Faycal El-Khoury who is running on the Liberal party ticket in the region of Laval-Les Iles in the next Canadian elections. Faycal is originally from Lebanon. He settled…
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Leaked Video: Lebanese internal Security Forces torturing prisoners


  Couple of days ago, a video was leaked on social media have revealed police officers beating and torturing several Islamist prisoners held in Lebanon’s Roumieh prison. , prompting the justice minister to call for an investigation into the incidents….
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Wikileaks – Saudi Cables continues ….


The following is another specimen of Lebanese politicians and media. It is to note, that these politicians and media portray themselves as sovereign and defender of democracy. MP Amine Gemayel asking permission from Saudi Arabia to open a new page…
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What does it mean when you ask foreign country to fund your political party?


You will have different answers to this question. It depends on who is answering it. Many Lebanese will see it normal because it has been like this for ages. Others will tell you if “this” party accepts funding from “this”…
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Energy – Refreshing news


After writing about Beirut River Solar Snake project, couple days ago, my friend Najib blogged about ABC Ashrafieh Mall and their plan to install the largest private photovoltaic plant in Lebanon on their rooftop. The project will give ABC Mall a…
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They wonder why Lebanon doesn’t advance


People keep wondering how come Lebanon doesn’t advance. Why with all the talent the Lebanese people have, they can’t build a country. Put religion aside, the Lebanese can’t live outside political “Iqtaa”. What is “Iqtaa”? It is like feudalism. “El…
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What will he do now?


His soft approach and calling Al-Nusra Front a non-terrorist organisation didn’t help. On April 19, I wrote a reply to Walid Jumblat interview in which he said: “I don’t classify the Nusra Front as a terrorist organisation, because in Nusra Front there are…
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I think Adel Karam messed it up this time


I like Adel in “ma fi metlo” program and not too much in his “Hauda Haki” program. Well I don’t follow Lebanese TV that much. Today I saw this article circling around social media. Adel Karam and who ever writes…
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Really?? How come we never thought of that?

Samir Geagea, leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces, speaks during a news conference at his house in Maarab village

Samir Geagea, the head of the Lebanese Forces party, said today: “In order for the state to prevent Daesh (ISIS) from entering Lebanon, it must behave well with the Sunni community to prevent them from joining the ranks of Daesh.” Wait…
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