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Can’t blame others


From one side, we have Michel Aoun who refuses to send his deputies to elect a president if he is not sure he will be the president. From the other side, you have Samir Geagea who refuses to drop his run to…
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Future Movement … The moderate Muslims

khaled daher

Last Sunday, MP Khaled al-Daher led an angry Islamist protest in Tripoli’s al-Nour Square to condemn the removal of Islāmic flags from the roundabout. The banners were taken down by police as part of a campaign for removing the flags…
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Ashrafieh without Bachir

President Bachir Gemayel

Ashrafieh is the beginning …. the beginning of Bachir …. and today Ashrafieh is without the famous Bachir picture. This time his son Nadim removed the picture raised on August 23 in commemoration of Bachir’s assassination. His son, Nadim (who…
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Lebanese political system in a state of clinical death

Lebanese protestors

After the masquerade of extending the Lebanese parliament mandate by more than 2 years, I couldn’t find the right words to describe the political disaster committed by Lebanese MPs. This is the second time, the Lebanese Parliament extended its own term….
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A Letter to Christians by Mr. Antoine Najem

antoine najem

In 1992, Mr. Antoine Najem, the conscience of the Lebanese resistance and the Lebanese Cause, wrote a letter to Lebanese Christians. He made it clear that to face current events, “we must look at the roots of the problem and…
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Follow up on the post “The future of the country”


Following up on yesterday’s post “The future of the country“, I would like to share with you a letter written by Dani Haddad to Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun. The letter is in Arabic language and posted on MTV Lebanon…
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The future of the country


They say students are the future leaders of the country. Since the late 90’s, two Lebanese Christian groups (Lebanese Forces and Tayyar Movement) been fighting each other. In the 90’s they massacred each other which led to the total control…
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The Term that fits


A Chauvinist pig thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women. Yesterday, Zahle MP, Nicolas Fattouche, assaulted an employee of the courthouse in Baabda responsible…
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