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Turn off Your Walkie-Talkie Shamel


“Turn off Your walkie-talkie Shamel, and starts destruction” اقفل جهازك يا شامل وابدأ بالدمار الشامل. This sentence was written on a picture of Brigadier General Shamel Roukoz and shared on social media. Roukoz is the head of operations in Arsal area. Lebanon…
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“Noun” to support the Christians of Mousl – Iraq?


Mousl in Iraq has been emptied of its Christians. They fled amid threats to convert or die. Mosul is considered the second largest city in Iraq. It housed around 60,000 Christians. Today no Christian is left in Mosul. Muslim extremist group ISIS…
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260 Arab intellectuals against ISIS


Bravo to these 260 intellectuals. They stood up against the expansion of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ). There is always hope in this Arab world. There will be a better future if regional and international country support the intellectuals and not radical groups to make political or geographical changes in the region.