Net Metering in Lebanon

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Today, December 22, 2011, Net Metering is introduced to Lebanon official and the first Lebanese signed an agreement with Lebanon Electricity Company to link to its Grid. This is great news for Lebanon. Clean energy in an over polluted country.

Net metering is a financial agreement in which utility customers generate some of their own electricity and use a single meter to measure the net electricity bought from the utility. At various times, the customer will not use all the electricity generated. The excess is fed back into the grid and makes the meter run backwards. When the meter is read, it will usually show a net purchase from the utility. If for some reason the customer generated more electricity than was consumed that month and the meter shows a negative value, it will be read as zero or credited to the next month’s bill.

Lebanon has another source of “clean” energy that is going down the drain (or the sea). Its water resource. Instead of relying on diesel generator, Lebanon should invest in hydroelectricity. Lebanon can easily produces 10 megawatts from small hydro projects.

Another source is the wind. Wind Turbines can be placed in strategic places inside Lebanon and in the sea in order to generate power.

We have plenty of sun in Lebanon during the year, why not start with solar street lighting? Few municipalities in Lebanon implemented small scale of solar street lighting. Why this program is not implemented nationwide? We all know how bad are our street lights.

Back to Net Metering deal signed today, and I have to admit that I am not aware of its details, but knowing Lebanon and its politician, will one company given the rights to sell equipment to generate solar power and turn this “clean” energy to a “dirty” one?


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