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Leaders cause – compare and contrast

Couple of days ago, I read a story about Imam Moussa al-Sadr and the new information about his case. What struck me the most is how a community kept the case of its leader alive. It did everything it can to find out what really happened to him. Is he dead, alive, in prison, …. […]

While Israel Seeks to Turn Gas to Gold, Lebanon will turn it to certain pockets.

Israel seeks to turn gas to gold according to the AP story published today. In short Israel is setting a plan for a national investment fund that would tap an anticipated natural gas bonanza to fuel both an export-geared economy and provide a nest egg of $10 billion in under a decade for future generations. Some of […]

Lara Fabian Cancels Lebanon’s Valentine Concerts

It is normal that a singer cancel a concert. What is not normal is that a group of pro-Palestinians activists force the singer to cancel her shows in Lebanon. Lara Fabien was supposed to present two concerts in Lebanon on February 14th and 15th.  Mr. Asad Ghsoub, from the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon, […]

Neglect on every single level

When I asked a relative why she left a western country and returned to Lebanon her answer was “chaos”. It is the same chaos that we witnessed yesterday. A chaos that took lives of innocent people. So far 20 dead and several injured is the result of “chaos”. Sunday night a building in Ashrafieh (a […]

The percentage of criminals in Lebanon

Every other day (if not everyday) I read in the news that the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrest between 25-45 person wanted for criminal acts. Those arrested are wanted for either killing, theft, drug charges, breaking and entering, fraud, kidnapping … So in short, all kinds of crime. According to World Bank Data, Lebanon population […]

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