Why only February 14 is a Public Holiday?

They deserve Public Holidays too

Last year, the Lebanese government has declared February 14 as a public holiday and has ordered all public institutions and public and private teaching institutions to remain close for the day. This year the same. It has been a trend now that the government makes February 14 an additional public holiday in Lebanon in memory of the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

With all due respect to Martyr Rafic Hariri and his memory, why only his assassination is marked as a public holiday? How about other politicians who were also assassinated? Is Martyr Hariri has another status of martyrdom? We have several Prime Ministers who were assassinated before him and we do not celebrate their memories as public holiday. We have Presidents who were assassinated and we do not celebrate their memories as public holiday. So how come only Hariri?

This is not fare in regards of all martyrs who fell for our country. Regardless if we believe in the martyrdom of some or we are in line with their political views, they are martyrs.

My question to all Lebanese, why you do you agree to have Martyrs “bsamneh” and martyrs “bzet”? My question to the Christians of March 14, is Rafic Hariri more important than Bachir Gemayel?

Don’t you think that all martyrs should be treated equally? For sure it is illogical to have a public holiday for each official assassinated in Lebanon but it is unfair to treat one different than the others.

In Lebanon we celebrate Martyr’s Day on May 6 every year and it is a public holiday. It is a holiday to celebrate those who died for our country’s freedom. There is no need to have another public holiday and make a martyr above all other martyrs. I do have a martyr who is above all but out of respect to all martyrs, I keep it to myself and do not call for a public holiday in his memory.

To the Lebanese government and to all of those who accept or ask for a public holiday in memory of Rafic Hariri assassination, show some respect to our and other martyrs.

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