Until when???

How far their personal interests and their deep pockets that will never get filled will drag us down? Didn’t they realize that our writings started to puke their failures and our pens spit despair from their actions? The majority of the people are telling you: Leave us alone.

Some of you might wonder who am I talking about and others might have half of the answers. (depending on you political, religious, sectarian, family … orientations and affiliations). The responsibility of what happened to our country doesn’t fall on one group. They are all responsible in this crime. It is our duty as Lebanese citizen to hold them all responsible: The government, the political leaders, the head of militias, the political parties, the ruling majority, the opposition, the religious leaders…. They are responsible for the deterioration of the security situation, the failed economy, the non existent infrastructure, the dark state of the electricity, the vanishing water, the pollution, the garbage food, the expired medication, …. the list is long. They are all responsible for lack of harmony, dialogue and continued bickering and contradictory strategies. They are responsible for the absence of one political project for the country and a new future.

It is hard to see the tragedy in front of your eyes and stay silent. It is heartbreaking to see your people are barely surviving, a “rafi'” begging for his kids school tuition and sent away. My dear friends, the Lebanese government doesn’t give a damn about its people. The opposition is not better, it didn’t give a damn before and its only interest is to be in power again. They are all busy filling those deep pockets ….

How hard is it to fix the roads, to have electricity and water? How hard is it to control what kind of food are we importing? How hard is it to monitor pharmacies? It is not that hard if there is a will from the so called politicians to fix the country.

The Lebanese do not give a damn if they agree on one political speech, defense strategy, …. they want jobs, food, basic necessities, infrastructure, ….

I would like to ask all of you the following question: how much of what I have stated above would have been solved if we have decent politicians who work for the people and not their own interest?

Until when you will keep buying their promises?  Until when you keep believing their lies?

What will you do in the next election? Will you make them pay or you will give these politicians another opportunities to step on your rights and your future? It is up to you.

One thought on “Until when???”

  1. The issue doesn’t only lie with the failed politicians and leaders. The lebanese are as much responsible as their leaders. As long as they blindly follow, the leaders will blindly lead. When a lebanese behaves like a human in a foreign country but turns into an animal in his own, then that lebanese is contributing to the problem. I doubt there will ever be hope, lebanese love their country for convenience but not for value.

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