Why I am not surprised !?!?!

Samir Geagea and Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani

In an interview with MTV, Samir Geagea launched an unprecedented attack on Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi. Geagea said that Patriarch al-Rahi statements on Syria “had infuriated me” and they “contradict with our entire history and I cannot be proud of this rhetoric”. The only thing that I see wrong with what Patriarch al-Rahi said lately is that “the Syrian regime is the closest to democracy in the region”. With all do respect dear Patriarch, the Syrian regime is far from democracy as much as the Sun is far from earth. But I do share the fears that the Patriarch has concerning what will replace the Syrian regime when it falls and the future of the Christians there.

Samir Geagea might be a Christian leader in Lebanon but with all due respect, the Maronite Patriarch is the leader of the Maronite Christians in Antioch and the East. When the Patriarch speaks, he has in his mind the worries of all Maronite Christians in the region and not only Geagea political aspirations.

I go back to Samir Geagea words saying that Patriarch words “contradict our entire history”. If a person express his fears due to precedents in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, …. those fears are considered as contradiction to our entire history. Tell me Mr. Geagea what will you call Safra War? The Intifadas war? Ilgha war? …. These wars are inline with our entire history? Unless you consider Christians massacring Christians our true history.

Geagea went on and on labeling the Patriarch as equal to Wi’am Wahab, Fayex Choukor, … can you go lower??? Why does the Patriarch deserves such attacks?? Because he said he fears for the Christians future in Syria when this regime falls? Because the Patriarch saw what happened in Iraq, Egypt and he got the reports of what is going on in Syria?

Yes the Syrian regime did many things to us in Lebanon. But this regime didn’t do these things to us because of our religion. He did it because he saw us on the opposite line of his political views. What happened to the Christians of Iraq and Egypt is done to them for religious purposes. Besides that, we are talking about what is happening in Syria today and not Lebanon. So tell us when was the last time you heard the Syrian regime butchered Christians in Syria?

Wasn’t the LF used to say that it stand by Bkirki and it defends Christians? So what happened? Are the Patriarch worries about the Christians of Syria deserves such wrath? Yesterday you were in Saudi Arabia but I never heard you opposing the call of the Saudi Grand Mufti call to demolish all Churches in the Arabian Peninsula. Few days ago, there was a demonstration in the Martyrs Square for Salafists and I didn’t hear you opposing them. Even though you know very well what kind of project they carry. Sheikh Fustoq keeps repeating that the religious clash in Syria will spill to Lebanon but I never heard you opposing him.

By the way, wasn’t Abed al-Haleem Khaddam part of the Syrian regime that killed the Christians of Lebanon? How come you didn’t advise your office in Paris to sue him for his crimes in Lebanon? But yet, you call your office to boycott the Patriarch visit to certain countries.

Geagea added that Patriarch Sfeir words are endangering the Christians in the regions. Our “Brotherly” wars between Christians from the 70’s to the 90’s didn’t endanger the Christians of Lebanon? What al-Qaeda did to the Christians of Iraq didn’t endanger the Christians in Iraq? What Muslim Brotherhood (those you said let them take the power) did and still doing to the Christians of Egypt didn’t endanger the Christians of Egypt? The calls by those whom you are supporting in Syria today to kick the Christians out of Syria aren’t endangering the Christians in Syria?

How come you launched your attack on Bkirki when you returned from your tour to Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Is this the role that you chose to play?? Well this role Mr. Geagea contradicts our entire history and we are not proud of your rhetoric.

The best answer came from the Patriarch upon his return to Lebanon today: “The problem in Lebanon is that the text is not read entirely intentionally or unintentionally … Those who read the full text have all the answers. Those who cut the text are like those who say “There is no God” and forget to add “But God”. To say “there is no God” only is ignorance.”

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  1. The Patriarch should speak in the name of Christ first, and in the name of the Christians Second.
    I’m sure all the good things he has been saying about the murderous Syrian regime have nothing to do with the teachings of Christ.
    As for the teachings of the Alawis, here’s an extract of one of their prayors for those who do not know how much the Alawis share the love with the Maronites and their Patriarch:

    من القداس الثالث للعلويين:

    “والعن لعابي القرود، ومساكي الحياة السود، وجميع النصارى واليهود … وجعل اللعنة على يوحنا مارون ، البطرك الملعون. “

    1. JD DC the Maronite Patriarch throughout our history has played a political role. If his political speech doesn’t align with your thoughts these days it doesn’t mean we have to ask him to speak only religion. If we have to look at Christ’s teaching no Christian leader in Lebanon today can say I am defending Christians.

  2. I can understand where the Patriarch is coming from as his fears of the next people to come into government if the regime falls. Cause as whats happened in the other “revolution” countries its made it worse for the Christians in the areas. As ive met christians from iraq that fled and cant/and wont go back due to the fear of being kidnapped, also some cant even go back and sell there houses.

    But i dont understand why Samir Geagea is attacking the patriarch so bad, anyways great points in the article.

    1. Elias, I am against the Patriarch when he says “Syria is the closest to democracy in the region”, Ya3ne ma3lesh yismahlna fiya this one.
      But I am 100% with him when he questions the future of the Christians in Syria when Sheikh al-Asir people and their likes take over the country.
      For Geagea it is all about narrow political and positioning inside the Lebanese political street game. Same as Aoun, Amine, …. What ever they say, can’t change a thing in the region and they know that. Their words is to invest it in the power struggle inside Lebanon.

  3. cedars,

    I saw the interview three times..please do invent stuff out of your own imagination, No, Samir Geagea did not compare the patriarch to we2am wahab and fayez shoukour, it is all part of your campaign against the LF who kicked you out of their ranks due to your misconduct..you article reminds me of Jean Aziz articles the Judas of the LF.. All Dr. Geagea said was he is not proud of what the patriarch said that is all and what is the Patriarch said is not in line with the historic stances of Bkerki..your analysis is worth less than zero, and has the same style of Jean Aziz, a hater and a disgruntle back stabber..and Since when do you care for Bkerki ya Michel, are not you the one who called all their priest thieves ..

    1. Seeman first cedars was on the forum, here it is Michel.
      Second this is from March 14 media outlet: “Is it reasonable for the patriarch of the Maronites to be like (Arab Tawhid Party leader) Wiam Wahhab, (Lebanon’s Baath Party leader) Fayez Shukur, Russia and China? How can we justify this position?” Geagea wondered, comparing al-Rahi to Syria’s allies in Lebanon and the world.” So I am not invetning stuff from my own imagination. This is the link for the news: http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/33160-geagea-al-rahi-s-stance-on-syria-endangers-all-christians-in-region

      Next time, follow the news before accusing people. Something you guys been doing so for years. Time for LF supporters to get an education and debate on a certain level. Tikhwin w false accusations, I left them to ignorant.

      رد الراعي فور عودته الى بيروت ليل أمس، على جعجع، معتبراً ان اجتزاء قراءة النصوص هو كما أولئك الذين يقولون “لا إله” ولا يتبعونها بعبارة “إلا الله”، وقول “لا إله” هو قول الجاهل، “وكل مشكلتنا في لبنان أنه لا يُقرأ النص بكامله، سواء عمداً ام غير عمد”. ورأى ان “الذي يقرأ النص الكامل لكلامي عنده كل الأجوبة”.

      So what ever you said after based on you accusing me of fabricating news, I send it to you with love. For once in your life try to debate the points I wrote and not reply with a smear campaign that has no roots and base.

  4. Thank You Patriarch for verifying what you said about Syria and democracy. I was one of those who only read what March 14 media said.

    بطريرك الراعي تحدث من جديد عن البلبلة التي أثارتها تصاريحه، فعاد وكرر أن هناك نصا واضحا نشرته وكالة رويترز ويمكن العودة اليه، وقال “ما قلته هو أن النظام السوري هو نظام ديكتاتوري أما سوريا كمجتمع لا يتنبى فكرة الدولة الدينية، فهو اقرب الى الديمقراطية اذا أنا ميزت بين النظام الديكتاتوري وبين المجتمع السوري غير الديني والمنفتح على الديمقراطية”، مشيرا الى ان الكنيسة ليست نظاما سياسيا ورسالتها ان جميع الشعوب تستحق ان تعيش بكرامة وهي تريد السلام والديمقراطية وتتمنى ان يعيش الانسان في جو من الاحترام والحرية، لذلك فانها لا تتعاطى التقنيات السياسية بل المبادئ السياسية وتطلب من اصحاب السلطة ان يعيشوا هذه المبادئ في حياتهم.

    Geagea and his supporters need to go to Bkirki and apologize.

  5. retracting statement said is not something to be proud of..sad very sad state of affair…we had a lunatic by the name of Aoun, and now look what we have…that is the down fall of the maronites..


    1. Seeman the sad affair is you guys do not want to go to the original source of news but you want to stick to the fake propaganda for the eyes of the Khaliji clan. This is where you ended up … Khaliji tools. Anyway, as I said years ago, this is the role that Geagea payed to free himslef but too bad he is still paying the price.

      ن هناك نصا واضحا نشرته وكالة رويترز ويمكن العودة اليه، وقال “ما قلته هو أن النظام السوري هو نظام ديكتاتوري أما سوريا كمجتمع لا يتنبى فكرة الدولة الدينية، فهو اقرب الى الديمقراطية اذا أنا ميزت بين النظام الديكتاتوري وبين المجتمع السوري غير الديني والمنفتح على الديمقراطية”

  6. Michel, go read what the Patriarch said. The Patriarch is repeating the same thing that he did in Paris; he says a thing and then starts to justify and re-interpret it differently. SG is not telling the Patriarch not to intervene in politics, rather to make sure to pay attention to his words and sentences because they have a serious ramifications on all Christians including us in Lebanon, so yes it does concern us.

    The relating of SG coming from Saudi Arabia and attacking the Patriarch is a cheap shot to SG person. Don’t do what you are accusing SG of doing.

    How is he playing narrow politics, knowing fully that he is sincere with his worries and explaining fully his fears.

    Also, how did SG insult the Patriarch? Did he ever insult his person? Answering the political position of the Patriarch is different from insulting his person.

    As Seeman said, SG put Patriach’s Raei POSITION towards the Syrians as aligned with those of Russia and Weam…

    1. Houna, The Patriarch in France didn’t say too many bad things. I also share with him his fear about the status of the Christians in Syria after the fall of the regime.
      If he says he is afraid of salafist taking over Syria and the Christians will end up paying the price like they did in Iraq and you see that these words will have ramifications on the Christians in lebanon, then you have to ask yourself why you are allied with Hariri clan? Why are you with those who are arming salafist in Syria and Lebanon?

      What ever Samir geagea say has only an effect on lebanese christian politics and nothing more. He can’t play bigger role in that.

      It wasn’t me who came back from a trip to the Gulf and attacked the Patriarch.

      This is what the Patriarch said about Syria. I just can’t understand why you want to believe fabrications and play the role of dividing the Christians and attacking the Patriarch.

      هناك نصا واضحا نشرته وكالة رويترز ويمكن العودة اليه، وقال “ما قلته هو أن النظام السوري هو نظام ديكتاتوري أما سوريا كمجتمع لا يتنبى فكرة الدولة الدينية، فهو اقرب الى الديمقراطية اذا أنا ميزت بين النظام الديكتاتوري وبين المجتمع السوري غير الديني والمنفتح على الديمقراطية”

  7. Houna you should not cut words out of what he said. And do not cut what he explained he said in Arabic. From the link you posted without any cuts:

    ” “Syria, like other countries, needs reforms which the people are demanding,” he said. “It’s true that the Syrian Baath regime is an extreme and dictatorial regime but there are many others like it in the Arab world.”

    “All regimes in the Arab world have Islam as a state religion, except for Syria. It stands out for not saying it is an Islamic state … The closest thing to democracy (in the Arab world) is Syria.”

    “We are not defending it. But we regret that Syria, which wants to take a step forward … is undergoing this violence and destruction and (use of) power and weapons.” ”

    Again the LF and it’s supporters need to head to bkirki to apologize. More important on March 14, the media of this group needs to have some morality.

  8. I am refuting his excuse that he did not say that Syria is closest to democracy, rather talking about the people, and I showed you that this was not the case.

    He is still repeating the same mistakes over and over. Look what the foreign media is reporting… look what Sana is reporting. Is this what you want???

    Stop defending the wrongs of this Patriarch!

  9. Houna, I do not have the original Arabic text of the interview to see if there is something dropped in translation.

    I am defending what he said in what you posted as a link to Reuters article. Can you tell me please what did you, Samir Geagea and the rest you saw something that offending that led Samir Geagea to say he was bothered by them and they do not adhere to our Maronite line???

    1. So the regime that killed BG and the rest and killed and bombarded us and persecuted us throughout these years, and then comes our highest moral authority to defend and sides with this same regime does not bother you? Isn’t it clear enough why it bothers SG and lots of rifa?

      So siding with/defending a brutal regime is in-line with our Maronite value? Is persecuting, torturing, and killing people is our Maronite value?

  10. “So tell us when was the last time you heard the Syrian regime butchered Christians in Syria?”

    They butcher, and torture, christians just like they do with any other Syrian citizens.

    Actually, right this moment there is one, very distant, relative of ours in Syria (a christian) who went missing about a week ago and no one knows what they’ve done to her. She is a university student, and she was just sitting in the cafeteria eating when their thugs (apparently Palestinian militias loyal to the dictatorship) came in and took her and several other students away. The very next day her facebook and email were hacked, and they sent messages to her friends pretending to be her, trying to trick them.

    1. “So tell us when was the last time you heard the Syrian regime butchered Christians in Syria?”

      and now you arer also defending the Syrian regime..3ayeb ya cedars 3ayeb

      1. Eemian read all what I wrote and try to understand it. It seems you have a hobby of putting out of context. I said when did you see the Syria s butchering Christians in Syria because of their religion. I compared it to how Christians were targeted in Iraq and butchered because of their religion. Do you want me to explain it more??? Sorry I can’t. I am sorry that you are not able to follow a simple thought. You know very well that I am against the Syrian regime but I do not accept an ignorant attack on the Maronite Patriarch for the eyes of the Saudis and qataris. Do me a favor try to read what I wrote in my article and try to debate the points I raised. Try …

  11. George yes the Syrian regime treat all equally when it comes to threatening the regime. My point was very clear, the Syrian regime didn’t target the Syrian Christians in Syria or Lebanon because of their religion. Matter of fact, he treated them in Syria better than any other country did in the region. My point was clear when I compared it to how the Christians are being targeted because of their religion in Iraq and Egypt.

  12. Houna I Said many times that I am against the regime and it must go. The patriarch is not siding with the regime and he is not defending it. Read what he said. When we say that according to what we saw in Iraq and Egypt and what we heard during the Syrian protests, the Kuwaiti sheikhs and Saudi sheikh who said recently they want to destroy all churches in the middle east, it doesn’t mean we are defending the Syrian regime.
    What we are saying is the following when this regime falls it will get ugly for the Christians in Syrian and it will spill over to Lebanon.
    Again what Rahi said doesn’t deserve this harsh and irresponsible reply from Geagea .

    1. It is obvious that we are not going anywhere with this. I highlight what the Patriarch had said and you insist that there is nothing wrong with that. I replied explaining what SG, myself, and other rifaa see wrong with it. In all cases you are entitled to your opinion and interpretation.

      As for your classification that SG comments were irresponsible, I see the total opposite of that.
      As for what the Sheiks said concerning the churches I trust you heard and read SG response to that.

  13. cedars,

    when are you, the Patriarch and Aoun going to stop retracting your said statements and take full repsonsibility like men for what you have said in the open and stop accusing the media for altering your statements..Your analysis, your statements are in direct attack on Gegaea, and you are supporting the Syrian regime by defending his actions..

    “So tell us when was the last time you heard the Syrian regime butchered Christians in Syria?”

    1. reman show me what I retracted. Show me what the patriarch said wrong in his Reuters interview.show me where I am supporting the Syrian regime action.
      Why don’t you understand that fearing what is coming after this regime doesn’t mean it is a support for this regime.

      Why you guys have an Arab mentality in twisting every word and do not grasp people when they say simple things???

      So show me what statements I am retracting?? And what you see wrong in Rahi words to reuters. More important can you answer the points I raised in the article I wrote. All I read from you is false accusations and twisting pple words.

  14. When Michel writes that, “the regime must go,” who does Michel want or think will replace the Baathist regime? Do you feel that with elections and reform the Baathist regime can be replaced with more ‘moderates?’ I don’t really understand what you are hoping will occur. There is a war going on in Syria and it’s probably going to escalate further into a possible civil war. I do not see any other options, those fighting the regime are not going to disappear and those who are not fighting yet not backing the regime are going to always be there. Then you have the smaller minority who do indeed support the regime; you can guarantee that these people are not ‘Salafists.’

    The division against each others communities in Lebanon is very troublesome and frightening. and not just between Christians. I think that Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun should both resign from politics for the better well-being of the Christian community. Both leaders have brought the Christian community politically on it’s knees- as well as Amine Gemayel who is merely a symbolic leader running a party that hardly exists anymore yet was once the most powerful of the past. These two men already have a history of turning their guns against each other during a time the Christians were facing a battle from just about everyone else in the region. That sums it all. At the end, both men faced grim outcomes. With Aoun being exiled into France at gunpoint and Geagea spending over a decade in solitary confinement- both at the hands of the current Syrian regime albeit there have been a few modifications, same regime, now allies of Aoun.

    I am convinced more so then ever that these so-called leaders hardly care for anything more then their own prestige and to maintain their egos. If they cared for anything other then their own personal standing they would put their differences aside, all of them, and work together to protect what is suppose to be a common interest.

    As for the Salafists, I recently spent a month in Beirut- majority Sunni part, and I didn’t see many Salafists. I know in the north there are more, but I believe wholeheartedly that Salafist Lebanese are few though they do exist.. Their gathering against the regime was very small, and many came from Saida apparently. I don’t see how anyone in Lebanon can warn of a so-called ‘Salafist’ takeover yet fail to see that HA which is based on the terrorist Khoemenei and his extremist doctrine has over a million adherents. Lebanon is not a Salafist nation, don’t know how many in Syria, but I don’t think Syria is a Salafist nation either. A few Salaifsts can make a lot of noise when they engage in terrorism as many do.

    Really confusing, yet both alarming. Lebanon is in big trouble, nobody worse then the Christian community. Thank the failed political leaders for that, they continue to rule you just like the civil war. Power goes out left and right, even at major shopping centers, gas costs a fortune, people can’t afford to live, yet these issues are not even on the daily agenda. Makes no sense where the politicians are leading Lebanon.

  15. The patriarch is talking politics and hakim is answering his political views… nothing is wrong with that…

    to speak about an unprecedented attack on the patriarch is only a way in inflating what Samir Geagea have said to the patriarch…

    i dare anybody in here or out there to give me a word said by Hakim that is a personal attack on Al Raii…

    we have all seen and heard what was being said to the patriarch Sfeir from Aoun and franjieh… bikafeh laman 2el thayyaj l batrak… shame on anyone who hints about a bad behavior from DSG part toward the patriarch…

    on the other hand, i hear the patriarch sarcastic words talking about DSG noubouwa… and still, we are keeping our replies on a political level…

    to tell you the truth, i don’t see any sharika wa ma7aba in what the patriarch is doing… he is in fact digging a bigger hole between Christians, he is doing the exact opposite of what he came to do in the 1st place…

    the virtue of silence dear patriarch is better to be used dear patriarch… because the only charaka and ma7aba you are making is with a killer regime, a illegitimate militia, and an orange general who used all means to attack bekerkeh since 1989 on a physical, personal and political level…


    1. Scorpion, The Patriarch didn’t say anything bad politically that lead to this geagea harsh response. Nothing said on this link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/04/us-lebanon-patriarch-idUSTRE82306X20120304 needed such reply from Geagea.
      As for others who insulted the Patriarch Sfeir before, I replied to them accordingly when they did so. It seems you forgot.
      As for HA weapons, the Patriarch was also clear about that. he said implement U.N Resolutions and then we deal with HA weapons.

  16. Seeman, please do not send us copy pasted materials to clear in a comment sections. You can use the materials to post your own reply.
    You failed to understand what I said one more time. As I said it is a habit. I said and I repeat, this regime must go. I will also repeat a major point that you failed to miss: The Syrian regime killed Lebanese and is killing Syrians not because of their religious beliefs. He is killing them because they oppose the regime. What you also failed is that I compared it to the massacres of Christians in Iraq after the fall of Saddam regime. They were targeted because of the religion. They were labeled Kufar.

  17. The Batrak’s words are in deed endangering the Christians’ existence, why is the Batrak is making the Sunni community as our enemy by issuing offensive statements against them?
    The Batrak is no different than Aoun with his ignorance, if Assad is gone and the Christians were attacked by the Sunni, do not blame anyone but Aoun and his batrak.
    If the was wise he would keep these statement to himself, that is the least he can do, but to call the Baathi regime a democracy knowing that they had killed 100s of thousands of innocent Christians and Sunni people between Lebanon and Syria is just plain ignorance..
    If you want to know who is endagering the lives of Lebanese Christians, do not look further than Aoun and his Batrak.

    1. The Patriarch didn’t say anything that offends the sunnite. The only one offended are the salafist jihadist and we already know what those did to Christians in Iraq.
      The Patriarch said: We are with the Arab Spring but we are not with this spring of violence, war, destruction and killing. …Syria, like other countries, needs reforms which the people are demanding … It’s true that the Syrian Baath regime is an extreme and dictatorial regime but there are many others like it in the Arab world…. “We are not defending it. But we regret that Syria, which wants to take a step forward … is undergoing this violence and destruction and (use of) power and weapons …We do not speak out against any sect and we do not fear moderate Islam. We fear the extremists groups that use the language of violence…”God forbid that the conflict turns into a sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Alawite..

      Only jihadist and ignorant Christians paid by salafist regime think that the above words are a threat to Christians and against sunnite.
      Those who says so will have the blood of Christians on their hands because of their ignorance. A christian supposed leader who comes out and say the other leaders word are a threat to the sunnite community is a leader who is giving the green light for extreme sunmites to attack a christian leader and his followers.

      Samir Geagea paid his bill already for hariri clan. He Breyer go and find another way to finance his party and way of life.

  18. which Arab country killed more Sunni than Syria?

    When you say that Syria is more of democracy than any other Arab country, knowing that they killed 10 thousand innocent people from the Sunni sect at least, that means you are offending all the Sunnis from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, and if the Christians came under attack it would be because of people like the Batrak and his language. the Batrak is endangering the Christians existence with his words, ignorant are people who think otherwise.

    1. Kasarjian, I opposed it too. Read above. But I didn’t do like Geagea did. That statement alone doesn’t need such attack on a Maronite Patriarch. Remember Aoun??? Geagea sounds like him now. Is that what you want?
      In addition concerning democracy, the Mufti of Syria didn’t issue a fatwa saying that all churches in Syria must be destroyed, the Saudi Mufti did. The Syrian parliament didn’t ask to destroy all churches in Syria, the Kuwaiti parliament did. Talking about democracy eh??? The Christians in Iraq were killed after the fall of Saddam regime because they are Christians.
      Yes the Syrian is more than dictatorship and it must be changed. Instead of standing with the Patriarch asking for a peaceful change and not a violent won with weapons (because he read the reports of Syria, of Iraq, of Saudi Arabia, of Libya … been in Libya lately??? Go to Benghazi and you will see …), you guys are attacking him because he is thinking 20 years in advance …. Keep thinking about the source of money and few votes …. and you will end up in camps in some countries if not butchered.

  19. Patriarch Rahi few weeks ago: “”God forbid that the conflict turns into a sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Alawites, …in Tripoli we have Alawites and the situation there is like a fire (smoldering) under the ashes.”
    Kofi Anan warned yesterday that the Syria conflict into the rest of the Middle East unless it is carefully handled as he called on the UN Security Council to unite to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.
    France Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said two days ago that France is against the calls for foreign powers to arm the opposition groups fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, fearing a descent into civil war.
    Yet in Lebanon you have people who do not read or work against what is the best of Lebanon and the Christians in the region.

  20. michel…
    nothing and i mean nothing at all can be worst for me than the Assads regimes… previous and actual.
    you don’t believe me?… ask our rifaá…
    they will tell you why they are surprised…
    what counts for you and patriarch rahi?… how many lebanese christians the syrian regime butchered?… or how many syrian christians the syrian regime spared?….

  21. Ibn Batouta you seem as others mixing things. Why do I have always repeat the same thing over and over. This regime must go and should be held responsible for what it did to Lebanon. You know what I thought about those who shook assad’s hands in Baabda and ate with him.
    My question to you and the rest, can any of you guarantee a better future for the Christians in Syria and that they will not be butchered like the Christians in Iraq?

  22. michel,
    one and only one thing is guaranteed.
    all those talking about syria and the christians in syria can not guarantee anything.
    the question is… whether rahi statements will guarantee the christian syrians safety in case the revolution prevails… and if not… don’t you think he should refrain from commenting?.

    1. Rahi statements are based on what happened in the region when dictators fall. So far our dear Muslim brothers didn’t show us any better alternatives. We only saw butchering of christians.
      So Rahi statements are just warnings. He should keep warning, this is his duty. A Maronite Patriarch doesn’t stop talking when he sees danger.

  23. وعن هجوم رئيس الهيئة التنفيذية في القوات اللبنانية سمير جعجع على البطريرك مار بشارة بطرس الراعي يذكّر مخيبر الجميع بدور واهمية الصرح البطريركي الوطني، يقول: “مواقفه لا تعبّر عن حاجات وهواجس الموارنة والمسيحيين فقط بل تتعداها لتحمل هواجس جميع اللبنانيين، إنتقاد الموقع لنقل هواجس المسيحيين في المشرق العربي هو تجنّي على بكركي وسيدّها، وبالتالي آمل من غبطته الإستمرار بالتعبير عن تلك الهواجس المحقّة والإستمرار في دعواته للحوار سواء بين المسيحيين انفسهم او اللبنانيين”، ويعلّق مخيبر على النبرات العالية المرفوعة في وجه الراعي بالإشارة الى أنّها من ضروريات الحملات الإنتخابية”.

  24. how true what mkheiber is saying?.
    you remember michel how many of the sunna replied to patriarch rahi statements… clerics and civil.
    when the patriarch statements alerted all the sunna in lebanon… something went wrong… intentionally or not …. patriarch rahi stepped on the sunna toes.
    so how true what mkheiber is saying that rahi is addressing all the sects worries?…
    we should tell mkheiber that Rahi is not addressing… he is in fact making… sects worry.

    1. Ibn Battouta most sunna who replied to Patriarch are salafist. Moustaqbal for example sent Fatfat to see the Patriarch and Fatfat came out from the meeting talking positive about the Patriarch. It is sad to see Geagea speaking like the salafist sheikhs.

  25. i don’t consider nouhad el machnouk as salafi…
    if every time the patriarch will comment… he has to reinterpret what he really meant when he spoke, then he better not comment.
    fatfat should be satisfied after hearing the patriarch reinterpret what he said… or saying this is not what i meant.
    this is what i advise… refrain from commenting.

  26. أكدت مجموعة من الفاعليات المارونية وهم: الوزير السابق روجيه ديب، رئيس جمعية الصناعيين نعمة افرام، نقيب المحامين السابق انطوان اقليموس، المحامي كلود عازوري، المهندس مارون حلو وسجعان القزي، في بيان لهم أصدروه على أثر لقائهم مع البطريرك الماروني مار بشارة بطرس الراعي، في بكركي “دعمها الكامل لمواقف البطريرك الراعي، معلنين وقوفهم الى جانبه في قيادة سفينة الخلاص من المخاطر المحدقة بالوطن”، وأثنوا على الزيارات الخارجية الى دول الانتشار التي يقوم بها البطريرك الراعي، معتبرين انها “زيارات ضرورية للبنان، ذلك ان هذه الزيارات لا تهدف الى تسويق المسيحيين في الدول التي يزورها وانما لنشر فكرة النموذج اللبناني ليكون مثالا لمستقبل الشعوب في الشرق الاوسط، وهذه الشعوب لم تتمكن من ايجاد نفسها اليوم لانها حتى هذه اللحظة لم تتمكن من التعرف الى هذا النموذج اللبناني الذي يمهد لامكانية المصالحة بين كل الانظمة والثورات والشعوب في ما بينها”.
    وأعرب الوفد عن “الحاجة الى المحاور المسيحي وسط ما تشهده المنطقة العربية، فالجميع يتعاطى مع بكركي على أنها المحاور المسيحي الذي يتكلم بحرية، ومن هذا المنطلق يحمل البطريرك ومن يتعامل معه مسؤولية كبيرة في هذا الاطار. ومن أهداف الزيارات التي يقوم بها الى الخارج هي الحاجة عند العرب والمسلمين ان يكون هناك محاور مسيحي معهم وهم يعتبرون ان افضل محاور هو البطريرك الماروني”.

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