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Security Issue again and again

I tackled this subject before The percentage of criminals in Lebanon. Yesterday the Interior Minister of Lebanon, Marwan Charbel (with tears in his eyes) said: “The security situation has reached a very dangerous stage.” If you read the criminal section in any Lebanese Newspaper you will find 40-50 arrest done per day due to criminal crimes. The […]

Spring is here but Arab Spring is no where to be seen

In early 2011, millions of young Arabs youth took the street from North Africa to the Levant passing by the Gulf to get rid of dictators and corrupt regimes. Dictators were removed in certain countries but spring never came. It seems that the Authoritarian Arab winter is being replaced by Islamist winter. Under their rule […]

Thought for the day

Gas price is 40,000 Lebanese Pounds for 20 L. People get few hours electricity per day. Rotten meat is what they are fed. They are dying at the hospitals doors because they need to pay a deposit before they get medical attention. Expired medication sold in pharmacies. No Jobs. No Safety and Security. And how the Lebanese […]

Armenian Genocide 97th anniversary

Today, thousands of Armenians around the world either took the streets or held memorials to mark the 97th anniversary of the genocide of their kin by Ottoman Turks during World War I. Time will not make people forget what happened to the Armenian population under the Ottoman rule and they shouldn’t. Crimes against humanity should […]

Draft Parliamentary Elections Law for the Elections of 2013

This is the link for the proposed election law (in English) presented by the Minister of Interior & Municipalities Gen. Marwan Charbel.  The law is based on a system of proportional representation and with several options for the number of constituencies (varies between 10 and 14). I do not agree fully with this law even though I am […]

اعتذر.. منكما

I read this letter and had to post it in Arabic so it will not lose its originality. It is the a letter from Lebanese Forces member, Fadi Chamaty, to his family. He is apologizing for what he put them through during the Lebanese war in the memory of his first arrest by the Lebanese authorities during […]

It is more than weapons and sectarianism …

I just finished reading an opinion written by Diana Mukkaled in Asharq al-Awsat No revolution in Lebanon. Ms. Mukkaled was giving her opinion about the recent hacking of Lebanese governments sites and how this online negative action will not lead to a revolution in the country. For those who didn’t hear the news about the hacking, […]

March 14 talk with no action

What a masquerade is March 14. For couple of days we heard and read about the insults flying in the parliament between March 14 and March 8 MPs. The goons from each group used all kind of street trash talk, insults, screaming, ….. in the past 2 days in the parliament questioning session. I do […]

Nice Hawa Chicken Advertisment

I think this picture fits the garbage food the Lebanese are eating.  

The Arab Spring that Samir Geagea is proud of

The Arab Spring, the Arab Spring …. been hearing that lately, right? The LF leader and members should know better. At least those who know the LF cause and specially those who took courses in Ghedrass and Ghosta. During an LF event in the past couple of weeks, the LF were proud of having speakers from different […]

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