Draft Parliamentary Elections Law for the Elections of 2013

This is the link for the proposed election law (in English) presented by the Minister of Interior & Municipalities Gen. Marwan Charbel.  The law is based on a system of proportional representation and with several options for the number of constituencies (varies between 10 and 14). I do not agree fully with this law even though I am for a proportional representation. I think the number of deputies should be cut down from 128 to 60. The increase was forced on us by the Syrian regime in order for them to have more control in the parliament under their proposed election law back then. The good thing is that this law doesn’t make Lebanon as one electoral constituency and divides it between 10 or 14. What I refuse is the closed bloc lists. In the proposed law, people must  vote for one closed list (example in Arabic) and from that list they can vote for one or two candidates. People should have the freedom to choose candidates from any list they want. I also do not understand the logic of banning military people from voting!!! They can give their lives for the country but they can’t vote??? This is ridiculous. Moreover, why the voting age can’t be lowered to 18? Young Lebanese drink and drive before 18 and yet they can’t vote??? Another major issue is monitoring the election funds. We all know how funding is abused in Lebanon and votes can be bought. Lebanon must bring independent auditors to monitor the funding & spending of those running in elections.