Qaeda in Lebanon? Lebanese Jihadist in Syria???

Walid al-Boustani

Questions been asked before, some deny such existence and call it a March 8 and Syrian propaganda, others says they exist. I’m one of those who said yes to both questions and been attacked when I criticized certain leaders who denied the presence of Qaeda in Lebanon and the crossing of Mujahedin from Lebanon to Syria. An hour ago, a Lebanese Mujaheed, posted on al-Qaeda password protected forum that Walid al-Boustani, a Mujahed who escaped from Roumieh Prison on November 16, 2010, died today in Syria. The writer added that al-Boustani was “Emir” of the Tripoli Mujahedeen who went to Syria to defend the honor of Muslims. Another proof that al-Qaeda exists in Lebanon and that Lebanese Mujahedeen are crossing to Syria.

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  1. michel,
    we all know that al qaeda is possibly is everywhere a muslim exists… including lebanon.
    remains to define the meaning of “Al Qaeda exist in lebanon”.
    and what we want to prove when we say al qaeda exist or does not exist in lebanon.
    are they untouchable or have safe havens?…
    are they the eminent menace that they can take over the country overnight?.

    1. ibin battouta, it is not possible. It does exist in Lebanon. My take is with leaders who downsize its threat or deny its existence for their own political agenda. Al-Qaeda been operating in Lebanon since the beginning of Jihad in Iraq. It has a safe heaven in Lebanon and not its being supported by Lebanese factions (logistically, financially, political cover,…) as it was assisted before in Afghanistan war. It was supported and at the end it turned out to be more lethal than the Soviet influence. The cover it is getting now under several slogans will hurt us at the end. The threat that is hidden is more dangerous than the threat that is out there in the open.

  2. Nobody knows where al Qaeda is hiding or who is or is not a sleeper cell, while in Hizballah’s case they are all in Da7yeh, Nabatiyeh, Jbeil, Jdeidi and all over, they even tried to assassinate samir Gaegae in Merab…

    So Michel I have an advice for you and your Qaeda, anytime you see or suspect someone affiliated with Qaeda, just call the police, I will assure you there will be an inquiry about this matter, and whoever is charged will be arrested…
    Now what can you do about it when you happen to stumble upon a Hizballah cell… …can you call the cops??……lol….I advise you not to call the cops because you will be arrested and charged with spying for Israel…you will soon become an Israeli agent….lol

    And bty why don’t you talk about the attempted murder in Mearab by fellow Khoumeinis from da7yeh…

    1. Kasarjian, as I told ibn batouta in my reply: The threat that is hidden is more dangerous than the threat that is out there in the open. I do not need your advice, you already know my position concerning Hizbullah and its weapons. I do not want to remind you one more time, who opposed Samir Geagea (who had the balls the oppose Samir Geagea) when he decided to join a government that legalized HA weapons and “Resistance” status. So thank you for the advice, but it is not me who needs it. Those who need it are the one who are complaining about HA weapons today.
      You are laughing today about HA and what will you do if you found an operating cell of its agent. Yet you were all ok when the LF was an ally with HA in elections, when it supported its weapons and resistance. At that time, I was called names because I opposed those moves. So again, your advice should be sent to those who need it.
      By the way, when we discuss a topic, you do not have to turn it to a HA issue. If you can stick to the Qaeda topic. HA we all know my opinion and your opinion about it. The advice should be taken to Maarab and ask them how come you joined election, legalized weapons, labeled them Resistance, ….. I had and still have balls … Let us see if you guys have some left.

  3. You are not being logical in you assessment at all…
    Lak even the State department in the USA declared that Hizballah make al Qaeda look like a minor league… what are you talking about??…you trying to tell me that the hidden dangers like Al qaeda is more serious than Hizballah just because they are hidden!! that is just utter nonsense…lak ya Michel hizballah does not have to hide like alqaeda cause they are not weak like them, the can face Israel face to face, can alqaeda fight Israel face to face…lol…where is your logic ya zalame??
    Swcondly the Lebanese forces made a mistake by joining them in election, and by joining a government the support Hizballah’s weapons, i was against that move, but the LF was giving Hizbalah a chance to show they are Lebanese and not Iranian, but too bad, Hizballah proved they are more Iranian than Lebanese, but Hizballahi people were entitled to a chance to prove themselves, and the chance was given, but no more.

    Anyways as to your position on Hizballah, I doubt what you are saying is true, because when you open 14 thousands subjects attacking the LF and Harriri without one subject that talks about Hizballah’s dangers, that means you are not balanced and you lost your credibility…moreover it looks to everyone that you are pro Aouni and Hizballah.
    When was the last time you open up a conversation about Hizballah??…6 or 7 years ago..!!

    1. Discuss al-qaeda without discussing HA if you can. We will get to HA. You might not like what I will say, even though I gave you a small hint in my previous reply. I always open discussion about HA. I always reminded you who opposed them when you made them legal as a resistance.
      How many times I said over the years that I am against HA weapons and its Wilayat al Faqih??? I even fought my “own” people (you, the blind rifa’, the LF leadership) because I opposed their work with HA in election, legalizing their weapons and making them a legal resistance. So tell me who is still sticking to his cause and his opinion? Who is playing street politics for personal political gains and who rose above everything in order to preserve his ideas and thoughts??? My stand against HA never changed. Your leadership changed it several times and became their allies in an election I refused, in a government I refused, in a parliament I refused.
      Now let us talk about al-qaeda threat in Lebanon.

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