The Arab Spring that Samir Geagea is proud of

Samir Geagea and Abed al-Ra'ouf al-Rayadi

The Arab Spring, the Arab Spring …. been hearing that lately, right?
The LF leader and members should know better. At least those who know the LF cause and specially those who took courses in Ghedrass and Ghosta.
During an LF event in the past couple of weeks, the LF were proud of having speakers from different Arab worlds talking about the Arab Spring and Arabism. Well Arabism is a new trend in the LF language. Just like how the Arguileh invaded our Lebanese society, Arabism is invading the LF rank and file.
The once upon a time staunch defenders of Libanism and the Lebanese identity are swimming today in the Arabism sea (in reality it is the Arabism desert). Those of us who witnessed the lovely Arabism brotherhood from 1975 to 2005 are appalled by this sudden love towards Arabism.
Anyway, just a small example of what all this Arab Spring really is:
Mr. Abdul Rauf al-Riyadi was dismissed from his position as an interim Secretary General of the Tunisian Party “The Conference for Democracy “. The party is represented in the current Tunisian government. The best part is the reason of this dismissal. Mr. Imad al-Da’imi, the Political Advisor of the Tunisian President, explained in a Press Conference today that Mr. Al-Riyadi was sacked because of the letter of support and praise he send to Samir Geagea. Al=Da’imi added that Samir Geagea  is “involved with the Zionist entity of war crimes against Palestinians.”

Arab Spring … Arab Spring …. and yet some low class politicians and supporters have the audacity to comment on the Patriarch when he says Arab Spring is turning to Arab Autumn.