Zuhair al-Siddiq pops up in Turkey and threatens Haitham al-Maleh

Syrian citizen Mohammad Zuhair al-Siddiq, a criminal wanted in Lebanese court, who had lied under oath to the UN probe in Hariri assassination, popped up in Turkey and threatened Syrian opposition leader Haitham al-Maleh. The following video shows a sharp debated between al-Siddiq and al Maleh. Siddiq claimed that he represents a group of anti-regime of Bashar al-Assad and he wants his support financially. Siddiq friend asked al-Maleh how to become “part of the equation”.  Al-Maleh answered that Siddiq reputation precedes him. Siddiq got angry and threatened Al-Maleh by saying”I will make you laugh real good”. Answering al-Maleh question if this is a threat, Siddiq replied:”Yes and soon you will know who is Siddiq” and he stormed out of the meeting.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr2pT3FI6xc’]