Sheikh Qataya is ready to wage civil war

In this video Sheikh Ahmad Kataya, Imam of the mixed Bekaa town of Nabha, threatens priests, monks and the Christians by launching a civil war (don’t blame him but I am sure he meant religious war) if his daughter wasn’t returned to him. Benin, his daughter, got baptized three years ago in Our Lady of Bechwat Church. The 24-year-old girl got baptized willingly and decided to become a Christian with the help of Father Elias Gharios, According to LBC TV. Why he snapped and threatened the priests and the Christians now? Well Benin left her parents’ house six days ago. The parents threatened Father Gharios over the phone last Sunday before kidnapping him Monday afternoon on the Douris – Al Ansar road. They intercepted his car and pointed guns at his face. After several interventions, Father Gharious was handed over to Hizbullah official Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek following his release.

Last Wednesday, unknown assailants fired gunshots at the house of a priest from the Kairouz family in the town of Nabha, and a similar incident occurred on Sunday before the start of the municipal elections, when shots were fired at the Our Lady Church in Nabha.
In the above video, Sheikh Ahmad Kataya, accused Father Gharios of sorcery. Sorcery !!!! Where does he live??? Kataya told LBC that “a number of monks and priests practiced witchcraft and sorcery” on his daughter to make her convert to Christianity. Not only that, he adds that Christian holy men were trying to convert all Shia kids in Baalbek and elsewhere with their witchy ways. It seems Love is called sorcery by some. Because this is what Father Gharios said to his kidnappers: I love you now and will always do.

They wonder why I strongly believe in a Federal system for Lebanon’s problems!!!

2 thoughts on “Sheikh Qataya is ready to wage civil war”

  1. how federal system could have prevented such incident?… it would have lead in fact to a war between the maronite and shiaa entities if i’m not mistaken.
    besides, are you suggesting my church or my politicians will make sure i live decently after i leave behind my actual life. (residence mainly, job maybe and children education)?.
    maybe federalism was more applicable when the demarcation lines were very clear.
    nowadays… it’s hell of a mix… who will take what and who will move where… and who is ready to start his life from scratch… or to live as a hostage to please those dreaming of federalism.
    it requires a blood bath to achieve it… believe me.

    1. ibin battouta,

      mix will not make a problem. Lebanon should be made of provinces and if you want to live under a kandahar province you stay where you are, if not you move to another. If you want to live as a secular move to the province that fits your views. Very simple. You know I will post in the near future, the federal project, maps, villages, …  for sure it needs to be tweaked. But it can be done. 

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