Endangered Language Project by Google

In an alliance with scholars and linguists, the Internet powerhouse introduced an Endangered Languages Project website where people can find, share, and store information about dialects in danger of disappearing.
“People can share their knowledge and research directly through the site and help keep the content up-to-date,” project managers Clara Rivera Rodriguez and Jason Rissman said in a Google blog post. ”

A diverse group of collaborators have already begun to contribute content ranging from 18th-century manuscripts to modern teaching tools like video and audio language samples and knowledge-sharing articles.”

This is another opportunity for Lebanese scholars and linguists who are trying to save the Syriac language to jump on the wagon. Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic spoken in the Lebanon and neighboring countries until about the 13th century AD and still in use as a liturgical language of certain Eastern churches. The language is still spoken in small communities in the area and the Diaspora.