260 Arab intellectuals against ISIS

Bravo to these 260 intellectuals. They stood up against the expansion of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ). There is always hope in this Arab world. There will be a better future if regional and international country support the intellectuals and not radical groups to make political or geographical changes in the region. 

The Intellectuals saw in the expansion of ISIS and their declaration of the Khilafa, as a serious threat to the rights to freedom, justice and peace of the people of the Levant.  To read parts of the statement in English, follow this link. The Arabic statement is on this link (this one has the names of all 260 Arab intellectuals who signed the letter).

Let us hope regional and international powers to not bank too much on ISIS to make the changes in the region like they put their bets on Muslim Brotherhood couple of years ago.

Note: I wish the media stops abbreviating the name of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. ISIS should always stay for the ancient Egyptian goddess.