What will he do now?

His soft approach and calling Al-Nusra Front a non-terrorist organisation didn’t help. On April 19, I wrote a reply to Walid Jumblat interview in which he said: “I don’t classify the Nusra Front as a terrorist organisation, because in Nusra Front there are Syrian citizens who were forced to join it due to the Syrian regime terrorism”. It seems his approach and all the guarantees he took from Turkey, Qatar and maybe Saudi Arabia that Al-Nusra front will not attack and kill Syrian Druze didn’t work. His call to Druze to raise the minarets didn’t work.

This past Wednesday, Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front), Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria (if Jumblat forgot), killed around 40 Druze in the village of Qalb Lawzeh in the Jabal al-Summaq region in Syria. Some reports say that a week ago the villagers converted to Sunni Islam to avoid the wrath of the terrorists, others say the villagers were forced to convert. Will Mr. Jumblat come out and declare al-Nusra is no different from ISIS? Or he will keep abiding by Turkey and Qatar “wishes”? Jumblat been calling on Druze to stay with the Arab choice. A choice that they have adhered to and waged battles in its name. Mr. Jumblatt “Al Khat el Arabi” doesn’t mean forcing your people to bow to terrorists. Bowing will not save them this time. The massacre of Qalb Lawzeh is the best example.

I totally understand your hate for the Syrian regime. I hate this regime more than you do. It’s time for you to change your tactics. Terrorist takes the soft approach as weakness. Today Qalb Lawzeh and tomorrow the Suwayda and Jabal el Druze. The “desert sand storm” and its barbaric approach will not consider what you label them. The storm was unleashed in the beginning of the 7th century is on the roll again. Maybe it’s time for you to look at other minorities in Lebanon and come up with a new strategy. I’s time to revise what you have said today in your interview: “the problem of the presidency election in Lebanon will be solved when Aoun and Geagea stop dreaming of becoming the next president”. It’s not about minority report, it’s about minority’s alliance to face the storm.

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  1. I usually like your writings and I like the different aspects you tend to present every once in a while. On a different note this article needs be edited

  2. Well I think its clear, there is an ability to distinguish between Al Nusra- local Syrians and Lebanese and then the typical Al Qaida member, who will always be an Al Qaida member regardless whether time of peace or war. Perhaps the locals (at least a good amount) are not traditional supporters of the mostly Wahabi or Qutbism ideologies, perhaps they turned to Nusra out of anger or a desire for revenge, but that won’t save people like Joumblatt or the Druze, or any other adherent of a non-Abrahamic faith as long as you also have the dedicated Nusra aka Al Qaida members, who do believe the only way to be saved is to abandoned your belief and accept Islam (if fortunate enough to be given a choice before death.)

    Islam has laws, although skewed, biased and discriminative, protecting Christians and Jews, but these laws don’t apply to groups such as Druze (total apostates) or the Alawite (total apostate) or the Shia (the raison d’etre of the fight to regain Islam from the heretical re-writers!). As we’ve seen with the Yazidis, who can put put into the same category as Druze from a radical Islamic Wahabi/Qutbism perspective, they have no rights and are outright enemies of Allah.

    From what I’ve gathered, the Nusra members holding the Lebanese soldiers and policemen have a niche for Lebanese politics, as their references citing and mocking Aoun as President have proven. It seems the Nusra holding the Lebanese soliders are respecting the March 14 alliance, perhaps which saved George Khoury from beheading so far- as they have possibly respected Geagea opposing the Syrian regime, unlike the poor Shia soldiers who were brutally murdered.

    So there are two Nusras, I see the differences but also see them both as mostly terrorists. Joumblatt is trying to save his people but perhaps Wahabs approach is more practical- perhaps an approach the Christians should take- get armed, get ready and be prepared to fight or even take an offensive when need be.

  3. Walid Jumblat said that the incident of Qalb Lawzeh is an “individual” incident. My question is if an “individual” incident killed 40 people what if it wasn’t one? How many will be killed?

    1. I think Jabhat al Nusra is currently under orders from their sponsors, like Qatar and other political savvy Islamist groups like Muslim Brothers whom are part of Nusra, to tone down fears while the ball is rolling. Surprisingly no Christian churches have been bombed yet as we saw in Iraq or Egypt, other Muslim countries (though they have been ransacked and destroyed without people in them.) I believe it’s a strategy to downplay the stereotypes (which are actually probably true) that the Islamist rebels want to cleanse Syria’s minorities.

      I highly doubt that should the Jabhat al Nusra types prevail, they will seek any form of pluralistic Syria. For now I believe they are trying to garner support, Qatar and Turkey, other sponsors can’t have a stains on their hands, so they follow the script of not doing what the Tunisian Islamist did to the Druze- it hurts their reputation, they are trying to play the media favorably, promising not to attack the west (another statement prelude before perhaps receiving western backing as some kind of moderate Muslim group.)

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