I’m speechless

For the first time in my life I’m speechless. It took me hours before I was able to write these words. The picture of this dead Syrian baby who drowned on Turkish shores while his family was trying to flee to Greece by boat not only shocked me but also shook me pretty hard. A child that doesn’t know how to dream was ripped from the hands of his parents. Their dream was to have a better future from him. They ran away from the killing machine in Syria to lose part of their hearts on the shores of Europe.

How many kids and humans need to die to appease to Western and Arab countries who are involved in this ugly war? How many kids are going to be sacrificed to keep Assad in power?

Where is humanity? What is left of it? What kind of monsters are fueling this war? Don’t they have children? Is the live of a baby in Paris worth more than the life of this Syrian child? Is the life of a Qatari child more important than this Syrian child? Is the life of Assad kids more valuable from this Syrian child? Why my and your kids  have the right to live happy and this had to suffer such a death?

Where is God? Is he happy with all these killings? Is he enjoying this slaughter? Does he really exists?

Some will share this post on Facebook, others will retweet it but will any of you stop for a second and think how come we lost touch with Love, humanity and reality?

“In this fearful age it is not enough to be happy and prosperous and secure yourselves … you must have a message to proclaim to others; you must mean something in terms of ideas and attitudes and fundamental outlook on life; and this something must vibrate with relevance to all conditions of men.” Charels Malek