On the eve of Bachir Gemayel assassination memory

On the eve of Bachir Gemayel assassination memory, Bachir was killed one more time. This time he was killed by those who supposed to be his followers. By those who supposed to carry the torch. It seems that the current LF leadership is trying hard to put Bachir’s legacy away. In the memory of Lebanese Forces (LF) martyrs, the party re-launched its new Nasheed (Ode).  For those who didn’t realize what was changed in it. Regardless of the unethical change of a poet work, Bachir was removed from the Nasheed. Bachir was replaced by “Houras”.

Let it be noted that regardless what they do, the Legacy of Bachir will not be affected by their little games. Maybe the name Bachir doesn’t ring well with Saad and Saudi Arabia … .

To Bachir and LF martyrs, here is one more time the original LF Nasheed.