“Strategic Alliance”

I think the LF supporters forgot about these two words “Strategic Alliance”. When Lebanese Forces leader said few years ago that his alliance with Saad Hariri is a “Strategic” one, I was one of the few who opposed such alliance. I even called on the LF not to join March 14 alliance. For sure, the blind followers (they get insulted when I call them “sheep” followers), raised hell and became public enemy #1 for them. Fast forward 10 years, these blind followers are saying today what I said when I was consider a blasphemer. Why the shift? Because Saad Hariri gave it to them and to their leader. It took them 10 years to discover what was bound to happen. Saad hariri was supposed to be supporting Samir Geagea for his run to the presidency. A week ago, Hariri changed his position and supported a political enemy of Samir Geagea and March 14.  All this happened without discussion his move with his “strategic” ally.

War is being waged on Social Networks. Geagea blind supporters are calling Sad Hariri names …. It is a trend, we see things wrong, we point them out. If a leader oppose the idea, their followers wage war on you. After few years they discover that you were right and they were wrong. But they never apologize. They never hold their leader responsible.

So as we say in Lebanese “Mabrouk” (congratulation) the “Strategic Alliance”. It will not be the first time you are left on the side of the street and will not be the last.

Oh by the way, I can write a book about what I used to say about the unity of the Christians and how Aoun and Geagea should put behind them their personal wars to have a better future. Hell gates opened back then (10 years ago). What happened few month ago? Aoun and Geagea signed an understanding and now they are coordinating their moves.

Eh Mabrouk ya Ghanam ……