Democracy a la Hizballah way

nasrallahHizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah reiterated Friday his party’s “ethical and political commitment” to Change and Reform bloc chief MP Michel Aoun’s presidential nomination, expressing the willingness to elect him “tomorrow.” Denying claims that Hizbullah is seeking to maintain the presidential vacuum, Hizbullah’s chief noted that his party would head to parliament “tomorrow” if it guarantees that Aoun would be elected president — even without any so-called “package settlement.”

According to Sayyed Hassan, if Aoun has no chance to become president, he will boycott the election.  Why is he going to boycott? The second serious candidate that was supported by Hariri clan is a “dear friend” to Sayyed Hassan and part of his March 8 group. So now we have two candidate from March 8 clan, allies of Sayyed Hassan, he supports Aoun but can’t tell Franjieh to pull out of the race of Aoun !!!!

“We would go to parliament and take part in the elections and we would not demand a package settlement, a constituent assembly or constitutional amendments. Our demands from the package settlement have been fulfilled seeing as both candidates are from March 8,” he noted. Tayiib, you won. Now can you please tell one of them to pull out of the race?

What about Franjieh? Did he switch clan and became a March 14 member?  Just because Hariri promised him the presidency ?!?!?! He has been saying that Aoun is my candidate and I’m plan B. At that time, Aoun was only supported by March 8 group. When Saad Hariri made one of his thousands mistakes and supported Franjieh, Geagea gave his support to Aoun. So Aoun has the March 8 behind him and the largest Christian component of March 14. Why Franjieh is still running?

Hariri doesn’t like Aoun because he will open their books and ask them how come billions of dollars evaporated. Berri doesn’t like Aoun because Aoun will fight him for the oil and gaz shares. The rest of the Christian leaders will not support Aoun or Geagea for simple reason, both man do not belong to the feudal families who been ruling Lebanon. The rest of the sunnite families will not support any of these men for the same reasons. Walid beyk too. They don’t want new comers to eat from their plate.