If you think you understand Lebanese politics

“Si vous comprenez bien le Liban, c’est qu’on vous l’a mal expliqué.” (If you think you understand Lebanon well, it is because someone has not explained it to you properly.)  Haig Sarrafian, Canada’s ambassador to Lebanon, 1997, upon ending his tenure in the country.

aoun-geageaSamir Geagea is against Hizbullah weapons and wants to disarm the “party of God”. Michel Aoun is with Hizbullah weapons and committed to the party in order that Hizbullah supports his bid for the presidency. Samir Geagea nominated and accepted Aoun, who is the ally of his enemy (Hizbullah), as president.

Saad Hariri is against Assad and his regime. Since the assassination of his dad, he has been trying to bring down the Syrian regime. He even got involved in Syrian civil war. Hariri nominated Sleiman Franjieh, the friend of the Assad family and staunch supporter of the Assad regime, for the presidency.

Geagea and Hariri are allies in March 14 coalition. Franjieh and Aoun are allies in March 8 coalition.

And you think you know Lebanese politics my friend ….

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