They Came to us .. to our project …


How many times I heard these words … They came to us … to our project … Lebanon first … our strategic alliance…

How many times, I tried to explain that no one came to your side, they don’t follow your project or “Lebanon First” but to no avail. We have a famous Lebanese saying: “To whom will you read your Psalms Oh David?”…. Meaning, no one is listening and no one understands…

“Cherchez la femme” doesn’t work here instead “Cherchez le Petrole” (Look for the oil) is the term to use. The hidden treasure that experts valued around a Trillion dollars will put in bed people who you never thought they will sit on the same table. In order to control the oil production and its profit, Hariri group revealed their true colors. It was never about Syrian occupation, who killed Hariri, Lebanon independence…. it’s about the Trillion dollar industry.

For the naive, who once believed in the lies, did you wake up now?

In order to control Lebanon oil, Hariri decided to run with Sleiman Franjieh  for president. Franjieh, for those who do not know, is a strong supporter of Hizballah, the Syrian Baath regime and close friend with Bashar Assad. Logic says, who ever accept Franjieh for sure will accept Aoun. The problem with Aoun, specifically with his son-in-law Gebran Basil, he wants a bigger piece of the pie. He already set up companies to do the offshore drilling.

So, the minute Hariri saw the reaction of Geagea and Aoun to his support to Franjieh, he decided to squeeze his “strategic” ally. Recently, Geagea asked for a meeting with Saudi officials. The visit was refused and he wasn’t granted a visit to Saudi Arabia. Instead, they sent the Saudi ambassador to see him. On the other hand, Hariri machine started on several levels to portray that Aoun and Geagea are not the only ones who decide for the Christian community. They set up a meeting for Michel Sleiman, ex-president of Lebanon, with the King of Saudi Arabia. They are in the process of setting up another meeting for Sami Gemayel, head of Kataeb party, to visit the Saudi Kingdom.

From his side, Geagea felt the hanging rope getting too close to his neck. He rallied his hardliners and told them “it is 1994 again …. This time I will not allow them to send me to jail …”.

Geagea will live another day (politically) due to the recent clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

They never came to your side…. they have used you so your voice will never rise and your community will never control the wealth of the country. At the end of the day your debt will double and all what you will this is….. (Lebanese profanity).