Bachir to Lebanese Forces fighters in Zahle

bachir-baraket-zahleIn Memory of Zahle battle, the following is the last communication between Bachir Gemayel and Lebanese Forces fighters inside the city before all supplies roads were cut off. The night of April 10-11, 1980.

“Comrades, You have one hour to take a historic decision. Either you stay in Zahle or you leave it. The roads to Zahle will only be open for few more hours. If you leave Zahle, no doubt you will save your lives. But the fall of the city will be imminent. This how the epic resistance will end. If you stay, you will find yourselves without ammunition, medicine, bread and perhaps without water. Your mission will be to organize the internal resistance, the defense of the identity of the Bekaa valley and the Christian identity. You will give meaning to our past 6 years of war.

I hereby authorize you all the power to decide what you think is appropriate. I do not want to philosophize from afar. My place is next to you. This is where I want to be. Getting killed by a random shell in Beirut and dying carrying my weapon in Zahle, I would rather die in battle.
If you decide to stay with, then know one thing: “heroes die and do not give up”.” Bachir Gemayel words to the Lebanese Forces fighters during Zahle Battle(April 1981 to June 1981).

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