Michel Samaha verdict. How about others?

michel_samahaMichel Samaha, ex-minister, served four and half years in jail for transporting explosives and planning to use them in several attacks and assassination. The shock that Lebanese were subject to few months ago by giving Samaha the light sentence and release him from prison came to an end today. A military court sentenced Samaha to 13 years in prison with hard labor on Friday for attempting to carry out “terrorist acts”, a judicial source said.

The majority of Lebanese rejoiced for the new verdict. The question that poses itself is who intervened with the court to give him a light sentence and release him earlier and to retry him in a record time and sentence him to 13 years of hard labor? Samaha should have never given a light sentence and set free in the first place.

If the political intervention fast tracked his case, how come it never fast tracked the cases of terrorists who committed worst crimes? How come other terrorists were freed and not sentenced? How about Shadi Mawlawi? A terrorist who fought the Lebanese army was set free and now security sources say he is residing in Ain Helweh camp and is the coördinator between Jabhat al-Nusra (Qaeda group) and potential Lebanese suicide bombers. How come no one pressured to retry him? How about Joumana Houmayid, a terrorist caught driving a car full of explosives? She was released as part of an exchange to free Lebanese soldiers held by al-Nusra front. How come she was not re-arrested for her link with other terrorist groups? How about Ahmad al-Asir? How come his case is not fast tracked?

Samaha deserved what he got. how about others?

2 thoughts on “Michel Samaha verdict. How about others?”

  1. Samaha is sacrificial sheep for Sunnies. You cant touch another, becouse sunni extremists are protected by saudi sheikhs and their allies, shia – protected by Hezbollah. maybe somebody want to re-start suadi arms deal, putting syrian allies to jail?

    1. What should have been done is that anyone who worked with the Syrians, decided to run for election under occupation should have been put in jail

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