September the Martyr’s month – Part 1

toninasrSeptember is the month of the martyrs for the Lebanese Resistance. It is the month in which we remember those who fell defending the freedom and sovereignty of Lebanon. Many died too young and others in the wrong places. They died dreaming of a better Lebanon. A Lebanon that we are still searching for. Today, while surfing the net, I stumbled on a picture that made me remember a friend of mine. We were in the boy scouts together. I still remember the day we visited this place, the climbing, the swimming and the laughter. For some reason, I only remember him through this picture. I left the country and he stayed behind. Few years later, he joined the Lebanese Forces, hoping he can change things. I worried about him and other friends during the “Liberation war”. I asked about him and told me that he was an instructor in the LF officers training facility, teaching topography. When “Ilgha'” war started, I asked about others but didn’t ask about him. For me he is an officer teaching topography. Little did I know that he joined the “Sadem”, LF élite unit. One day the call came from overseas, Toni passed away. How? In Adma battle … Few years later, I met those who were with him in the battle as well as the head of the Sadem unit. They told me how he died. Toni was the silent type of guy, who died in silence on a battle front that should have not existed. Toni Nasr, I hope, from where you are today, remember the Yahchouch waterfall and probably the last day I saw you. Until we meet again.

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