He is no more

Ghazi Aad is no more. He passed to the other side. Ghazi was the director and co-founder of SOLIDE (Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile). He established the organization in 1990. When people were silenced by intimidation, torture, exile and death, Ghazi started to work for those who vanished. He didn’t let his wheelchair stop him. With it and his determination he broke the wall of silence. Today we hear parties and politicians sending their condolences and talking about him and the cause that he fought for. These same politicians and parties left him and the families of those who disappeared alone. The majority of them didn’t dare to face him or extend their hands  to the families.

I had the honor to meet him in person. With a group of friends in Montreal we invited Ghazi and set up few meetings with Canadian officials to explain to the cause he carried on his shoulders. I’m not sure if anyone can carry the torch after him. Will his struggle and hard work will go in vain? I ask myself this question and extend it to my fellow Lebanese.

Ghazi Aad you are a hero. Heroes never die.

SOLIDE: http://solidelb.org/