Since the independence

Since Lebanon became an independent country, the Kataeb party was the party of the president. It always supported the president of the republic. Few month ago, Sami Gemayel was elected the head of the party.   Since then he has been fighting the wrong battle and taking wrong decisions. He accepted to be part of a Hizbullah government and by the end. Of thrthe government life he decided to pull out the ministers that represent the party in the government. To make the story short, he lost couple of ministers.  He waged a wrong timed war on garbage collection, the result tons of garbage stayed on the streets and he never presented a solution. Few weeks ago, he opposed the election of Aoun as president of the country and acted like a jackass during the election (nothing close to his grandlpa class act or uncle). The little boy was pissed because his dad wasn’t elected as president. Yet, little Sami is crying foul because the Kataeb might not have a minister In the new government. Yesterday, his group were caught covering the picture of the newly elected president by Sami’s picture. Moral of the story: if your grandfather was a great political ma and your uncle  was an amazing leader it doesn’t mean you are capable of being a fraction of what they were.