2013 closed on yet another assassination

2013 closed on a yet another ugly picture, the assassination of ex-minister Mohamad Chatah. How many car explosions and assassinations do Lebanese need to stand up together and restore the sovereignty of the country? How many innocent people need to be killed so the Lebanese will understand that they MUST find a way to coexist together.  When will Lebanese realize that the country is not heading to civil war, we are already fighting one. Assassinations, bombings, clashes, weapons all over, ….

What is sickening is that the Lebanese will never learn. 30 plus years of war and they learned nothing. The country was invaded by Israel and Syria and they learned nothing. They lived under occupation and they learned nothing. They knew what civil war is and they learned nothing. They know the toll that a military strife and they learned nothing.

It seems they enjoy being the lackey of regional and international powers. It seems they love to bow and serve foreign masters. They treat their political leaders as Gods. Each section wants to silence the other section of the community. Each group thinks it holds the ultimate truth and a sacred cause. Each group has its own Lebanon. Its own vision of Lebanon.

Many Lebanese, they just want to live. Live in peace and with dignity. they want to build a better future.  They hold Lebanon in high esteem. many will say Lebanon is like the Phoenix bird, it obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. But do we really have to repeat this resurrection over and over? Isn’t in enough that we paid the price several times already?

The solution is very simple, Charles Malek wrote few years ago (see attached picture in Arabic) that in order to have a free, sovereign and independent Lebanon, we need to have these criteria:

  • Lebanon doesn’t follow any country
  • Lebanon doesn’t take an enemy in order to please befriend another
  • If he was told: “We befriend you but you must become the enemy of another”, Lebanon should refuse such proposition.

Neutrality is important but in order to treat the division in Lebanon, we must change the political system that been running Lebanon to the ground. Its about time, to really look into federalism as a tool to unite the country and put it back on the right track. It is about time that we recognize the political and religious reality of the country.

So it’s not “just words” after all

Samir Geagea condemned today the attacks on Syrian churches by jihadists in Syria. It seems Geagea felt the heat from his previous words concerning the attacks on Christians in Syria. Maaloula attack was “just words” according to him. The attacks on Christians in Iraq was simply propaganda talk according to geagea a week ago. Now he is trying to regain the popularity and christian opinion that he lost amongst the Christians of the Middle East.

For those who missed it, AFP reported that Jihadist fighters linked to Al-Qaeda set fire to statues and crosses inside churches in northern Syria on Thursday and destroyed a cross on a church clock tower, a watchdog said.

What is also funny is that he called in an interview with an Egyptian paper today the ChristIan’s of the Middle East not to seek any foreign intervention to help them. it seems he learned from experience and years of asking foreign forces to come and help. Wasn’t he asking the west recently to intervene and help the Syrians???

They missed something

It seems most Lebanese so called politicians didn’t read the resolution S.J. Res 21: “To authorize the limited and specified use of the United States Armed Forces against Syria” presented to the congress to vote on. Or maybe they read and ignored section 2 (b)(1):  REQUIREMENT FOR DETERMINATION THAT USE OF MILITARY FORCE IS NECESSARY: (1) the United States has used all appropriate diplomatic and other peaceful means to prevent the deployment and use of weapons of mass destruction by Syria.

They all drummed the battle war and planned their political future (future president, future prime minister, future minister, future house speaker, …) but missed a major point: Geopolitics.

To Read: Resolution S.J. Res 21: “To authorize the limited and specified use of the United States Armed Forces against Syria

Really Samir Geagea what happened to the Christians in Iraq is a “tactical propaganda”?

After the two LF MPs, came Samir Geagea. The head of the Lebanese Forces (the party pride itself of being the defender of Christians in Lebanon and the region). Samir Geagea in replying to Gebran Basil Press Release said that what is happeneing in Maaloula is nothing but a tactical propaganda that was used during the overthrow of Saddam Hussein till the current days of Bashar al-Assad. He added that the role of Jabhat al-Nusra in the attack of Maaloula is “just talk”. I understand Samir Geagea hate towards the Syrian regime and his wish to see Assad thrown in jail and his regime destroyed. What I do not understand how he falsify what is happening to the Christians in Syria and what happened to the Christians of Iraq. Maybe he doesn’t see well (serving his political agenda) what is going in Syria (even though the videos are out there on YouTube) but can he say that what happened to the Christians of Iraq is nothing but tactical propaganda?

Will the words of  Revd Canon Andrew White, interview with the Telegraph, convince him that 85% of Christians of Iraq were forced to leave the country: Iraq invasion anniversary: the last Christians in Baghdad.

Are the words of Christians who fled because they were persecuted as they described it to NBC news: ‘People turned on Christians’: Persecuted Iraqi minority reflects on life after Saddam

How about the report from th International Organization for Migration: Internal Displacement of Christian Families in Northern Iraq Subsides, Emigration Rise will it interest him in the persecution in North Iraq?

Not yet? How about this article from The Catholic Herald in the UK? After all these are not eastern Christians and they can see the truth: We have betrayed Iraqi Christians twice

You want more Samir Geagea? The words of  Patriarch Louis Sako will make a difference? He said there are just 57 Christian churches in the entire country, down from more than 300 as recently as 2003. The churches that remain are frequent targets of Islamic extremists, who have driven nearly a million Christians out of the land, say human rights advocates.

Not convinced yet that it is not a propaganda? will the opinion of Nina Shea, directr, Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, in this article: Obliterating’ Iraq’s Christians.

Give me a break. This is the Lebanese Forces? This is its leader? Is this how low politics became in the LF? Is it really worth it to falsify history and cover crimes against Christians in Iraq in order to reply to Gebran Basil? Is Gebran Basil worth all these lies? Is it ok in the new LF of today to side with those who persecuted the Christians in Iraq and still doing so today? Isn’t it this the month to celebrate the LF martyrs who died to defend free Christianity in this region?

It is really disgusting how low politics became in Lebanon. I think this is the end of free Christianity when I read that Samir Geagea and the LF are defending the acts of al-Qaeda against Christians in Iraq. Yes defending. When you falsify history and the facts, you are only serving those who are persecuting the Christians of Iraq. What happened in Iraq is not a “tactical propaganda” Mr. Geagea. If you can’t face Gebran Basil without betraying the christians of Iraq, you better pack your bags and just quit politics.

Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat Lebanon

According to LBC news, the Lebanese General Security arrests Al-Nusra Front militant in Halat as he prepared explosives. Let’s see if those whom I previously criticized concerning their stand in Maaloula, will comment on this event. Didn’t they want Halat airport or Hamat airport to open? They feared Hizbullah right? Now they go al-Nusra (Qaeda) members preparing for bombs in their own backyard. They used to talk about “fertile ground” right? So what will they say about Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat preparing bombs? Halat is not Tripoli …

LF Deputy on the wrong side

The Orthodox Gathering said in their statement yesterday that Mideast Christians under threat. They gathering criticized the international community for remaining silent over a recent attack in the predominantly Christian village of Maaloulah north of Damascus carried out by Al-Qaeda linked rebels. Maaloulah is a predominantly Christian Syrian village with many residents maintaining the Aramaic language, the language of Jesus. The gathering asked for “A unified stance by the church is a needed incentive for politicians, particularly in Lebanon and in the Arab [region], to get together, discuss and place strategic plans that encourage survival”.
From its part, Jabhat al-Nusra (qaeda arm in Syria), released a statement saying the aim of the aggression was to free the village from the Crusaders.

Then comes the reply from LF MP Fadi Karam. Looking back at the history of the LF and its pride to be the defender of free Christianity in Lebanon and the region, one might think that MP Karam will support the “unified stance”, “strategic plans” and “encouraging survival”.  I thought the reply will come in line with what Bachir Gemayel, the founder of the LF, speeches:

“We, who are witnessing here today for all the Christians of the world, confirm that it is logical for us to die , as the early Christians died at the hands of the Romans, witnessing for their Christian Faith and beliefs…”

“ A country, he said, where we can live without bowing our heads to the ground, a place where nobody can come and tell us : ‘Wear a turban or die’ as they did during the rule by the Turks…”

“If we, as a Christian sect in this east, weren’t different than others and didn’t have a country, it doesn’t have to be a christian country, but be a country truly for chrisitans in which we can live with our heads held high.”

But instead LF MP Karam came out as a supporter of those attacking Maaloula village. This new brought politicians, either do not know the LF history, or the LF changed its course or he has no clue what strategy means and the future of free Christianity in the Middle-east. LF MP Karam said: “What the Gathering issued was not justified and drew suspicion when it asked Christian spiritual leaders to swiftly put a strategic plan to protect the Christians, which, reading between the lines, suggests it is calling for a plan to defend Assad’s regime based on the Maaloula events”. How the hell did he got that from between the lines???? Didn’t the LF used to issue such statements in the past regarding the Christians of Lebanon?

Does this LF MP Karam from Koura ever read what Charles Malek once said about free Christianity in the region? Did he read what the head of Mar Takla monastry in Maaloula said today: “the village is living a real tragedy due to the presence of Jabhat al-Nusra elements in its streets … they kidnapped this morning 3 young men and took them to an undisclosed location ..”

Yes the Syrian regime must go, but don’t led ignorants in LF history issue statements that looks like the LF is defending al-Qaeda elements in Syria. Don’t let the pressure from the Arab money put an end to what thousands died for.