Are we back to 2005?

Policemen and civilians inspect the site of an explosion at the headquarters of the Lebanese Blom Bank in Beirut, Lebanon June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

A bomb exploded outside the headquarters of Lebanese Blom Bank in central Beirut on Sunday, causing damage but no fatalities, the interior minister said. So far no one claimed responsibility for this attack. It is to note that the Lebanese…
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Michel Samaha verdict. How about others?

Michel Samaha, ex-minister, served four and half years in jail for transporting explosives and planning to use them in several attacks and assassination. The shock that Lebanese were subject to few months ago by giving Samaha the light sentence and…
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How are you helping?

This question is directed to MP Nadim Gemayel. He attended today the Mass that was held in Damour village in the memory of Damour’s massacre. After the Mass MP Nadim Gemayel said:”no matter how intense the difficulties are, we stand…
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My Two cents on Samaha Verdict


The Lebanese military court on Wednesday convicted former minister Michel Samaha on charges of plotting a wave of bombings at the behest of neighboring Syria and sentenced him to four-and-a-half years in prison. The court also stripped former Information Minister Michel…
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Syria killed my father

walid joumblatt

“Syria Killed my father”, Kamal Jumblatt was killed in 1977 by Syrian intelligence. Since that date, his son, Walid, “was forced” and “Based on my conviction that I am an Arab nationalist and based on the threats that were surrounding…
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Shaving your beard and a Saudi connection can set you free


The Lebanese singer who became a Jihadist and joined Sheikh Ahmad al-Asir group, shaved his beard and is asking for forgiveness. He is planning on surrendering himself to authorities after being a fugitive for 2 years. Fadel Shaker is wanted…
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2014 starts as 2013 ended

Haret Hreik Car Explosion

At least five people were killed and 20 others wounded in a car bomb attack that rocked the Beirut southern suburb of Haret Hreik. The booby-trapped car exploded near al-Manar television’s old building on al-Arid Street in Haret Hreik, the TV…
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Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat Lebanon


According to LBC news, the Lebanese General Security arrests Al-Nusra Front militant in Halat as he prepared explosives. Let’s see if those whom I previously criticized concerning their stand in Maaloula, will comment on this event. Didn’t they want Halat…
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Smell of death

Tripoli bombing (Reuters)

We thought that we will not have to smell it again. We thought that those days are over. We thought that after all these years of war and destruction we had learned our lesson. We thought we will not see…
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Sex offender deported to Lebanon


According to Global News, a Lebanese man (Louay Khalil) was deported from Canada on July 17, 2013 for “serious criminality”. He was convicted of two sex offences. One of the charges allegedly involved a developmentally disabled woman. He served his prison term…
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