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2014 starts as 2013 ended

Haret Hreik Car Explosion

At least five people were killed and 20 others wounded in a car bomb attack that rocked the Beirut southern suburb of Haret Hreik. The booby-trapped car exploded near al-Manar television’s old building on al-Arid Street in Haret Hreik, the TV network said. The bombing occurred hundreds of meters away from the headquarters of Hizbullah’s political bureau, […]

Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat Lebanon


According to LBC news, the Lebanese General Security arrests Al-Nusra Front militant in Halat as he prepared explosives. Let’s see if those whom I previously criticized concerning their stand in Maaloula, will comment on this event. Didn’t they want Halat airport or Hamat airport to open? They feared Hizbullah right? Now they go al-Nusra (Qaeda) […]

Smell of death

Tripoli bombing (Reuters)

We thought that we will not have to smell it again. We thought that those days are over. We thought that after all these years of war and destruction we had learned our lesson. We thought we will not see death on streets anymore. We thought we will never see burned bodies in their cars […]

Sex offender deported to Lebanon


According to Global News, a Lebanese man (Louay Khalil) was deported from Canada on July 17, 2013 for “serious criminality”. He was convicted of two sex offences. One of the charges allegedly involved a developmentally disabled woman. He served his prison term in Canada and now he is in Lebanon. The question that poses itself was Mr. […]

Chapeau to Sejaan Azzi


A car bomb late Thursday afternoon went off on the main road between the Al-Roueiss and Bir al-Abed areas of Beirut’s Hezbollah-stronghold of Dahiyeh, leaving at least 27 people dead and 230 injured. There are different ideas on who placed the bomb but this is not the subject I am tackling in this article. This […]

Lebanon and Internet Privacy

“This leaked request asks the Ministry of Information to turn over the contents of all ‘DATA Sessions,’ Meaning the Data sessions of all 3G and 2G data subscribers in Lebanon. These include log files. The log files detail access to Internet websites and IP addresses. Aside from the log files, the requests ask for usernames, […]

Increase in Bank Robberies

Two bank robberies in three days. Today The Fenicia Bank, Achrafieh branch was robbed by two masked gunmen. On Tuesday, Bank Byblos in the town of Shouaifat was robbed by armed men. The same bank was robbed six months ago. The Fenicia Bank is the fifth bank robbery in the past two months. The Societe Generale de […]

As usual with every assassination attempt ….

Have we ever discovered in Lebanon the people who are behind assassinations? Bachir Gemayel, Mufti Khaled, Rene Mouawad, ….. the list is long. The latest attest attempt on MP Boutros Harb will never be solved. In the past couple of days it turned out that in the same building, the Minister of defense has an apartment, a […]

“Let the Ikhwan Rule”

“Let the Ikhwan Rule” this is what Samir Geagea said a month ago. He added let us not judge before we see their rule. The new LF, as it seems, as well as it followers, forgot what a Muslim law means for Christians in the region. They only see the Shiaa “Wilayat al Faqih” threat. […]

Security Issue again and again

I tackled this subject before The percentage of criminals in Lebanon. Yesterday the Interior Minister of Lebanon, Marwan Charbel (with tears in his eyes) said: “The security situation has reached a very dangerous stage.” If you read the criminal section in any Lebanese Newspaper you will find 40-50 arrest done per day due to criminal crimes. The […]

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