My Two cents on Samaha Verdict


The Lebanese military court on Wednesday convicted former minister Michel Samaha on charges of plotting a wave of bombings at the behest of neighboring Syria and sentenced him to four-and-a-half years in prison. The court also stripped former Information Minister Michel Samaha of his civil rights in its verdict, meaning that after serving his sentence he cannot take up any government jobs or run in elections. Lebanon’s intelligence chief, Wissam al-Hassan, who helped uncover the bombing plot, was assassinated in a car bomb in Beirut only months after Samaha’s indictment.

I am not a lawyer nor I have any notion about law and verdicts. So I decided to run a few searches to see what other verdicts were issued by courts around the world for the same charges.

The first search on transporting explosives came close to the verdict of the Lebanese Military court. In 2013, a U.S. court sentenced Anthony Nicholas Gallo to 5 months in jail for transporting explosives. It is to note that Gallo didn’t transport military grade explosives.

When I ran the second search on forming an armed gang, I realized that there is something really wrong in the Lebanese Military court verdict. On the charge of conspiring to form an armed gang, a Yemeni court sentenced Malik Harhara and Mohsin Ghailan to seven years in prison each.

So my 2 cents: The Lebanese Military court fucked up.

Syria killed my father

walid joumblatt

“Syria Killed my father”, Kamal Jumblatt was killed in 1977 by Syrian intelligence. Since that date, his son, Walid, “was forced” and “Based on my conviction that I am an Arab nationalist and based on the threats that were surrounding Lebanon, I had no choice but to go to Syria and to seal a deal, a political settlement, with those who assassinated Kamal Jumblatt,” became a Syrian ally till few months before the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri (in 2005).

It was interesting to listen to Walid Beyk. He laid down before the court a political testimony in Hariri assassination case. Walid words made me remember how his “deal” with those who killed his father affected Lebanon, its people, sovereignty and independence. His words took me back to those dark days, where people were killed because they didn’t believe in “Arab Nationalism”. It made me wonder what is the difference between the actions of “Arab Nationalists” during Lebanon civil war and ISIS actions in Bilad al-sham? Getting killed by a bullet is different from getting killed by a knife? Getting your head chopped by an axe is different from having your through cut by a knife?

Let’s see what Walid Jumblatt forgot to mention how his “deal” with those who killed his father was translated on the ground. This is just a short specimen:

– After the assassination of Kamal Jumblatt, his supporters, proceeded to commit revenge killings against the Christians of the Chouf which left 250 civilians dead.

– In 1978, Walid Jumblatt PSP artillery joined their Syrian allies in bombarding the Christian region of Beirut who were under siege for 100 days.

– In April 81, Syrian troops in Aramoun (jumblatt region) bombarded the East Beirut at a time when students were leaving schools to head home. Casualties and injuries were in the Hundreds.

–  July 14, 1982, Jumblatt PSP ambushed a Lebanese army detachment. Fourteen Lebanese regular soldiers in the attack, and in riposte the artillery units of Jumblatt’s PSP shelled on 18th, 20th and 23rd the Christian-held neighbourhoods of East Beirut (in which over 30 people were killed and 600 injured, mostly civilians).

– September 1983, the famous ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Chouf. The attack was led by Jumblatt PSP and backed by various “Arabist Nationalist” and the Syrian army. Results: over 1,200 killed and butchered and Christians were uprooted from their homes and villages.

The list is long. Walid Jumblatt failed to tell the court the scale of death and destruction that his “deal” with those who killed his father brought with it. Between 1977 till 2005, Walid Jumblatt was a Syrian agent, a Syrian puppet, served the Syrian occupation, lead wars and massacres for them, gained politically from his deal….

Wasn’t it better for him to stand with his father wishes and political ideas (his father opposed Syrian involvement in Lebanon) than killing thousands of Lebanese in the name of “Arab Nationalism”?

Shaving your beard and a Saudi connection can set you free


The Lebanese singer who became a Jihadist and joined Sheikh Ahmad al-Asir group, shaved his beard and is asking for forgiveness. He is planning on surrendering himself to authorities after being a fugitive for 2 years. Fadel Shaker is wanted for his connections in the killing of Lebanese army soldiers in Abra, south Lebanon in 2013.

Shakerbeen charged with belonging to a terrorist group, attempting and participating in attacks against the military, carrying out terrorist operations, inciting sectarianism, possessing unlicensed weapons and issuing statements deemed harmful to civil peace, according to the Daily Star. Last week, some politicians started to polish the image of Fadel Shaker and preparing the public opinion for his return to “normal” life. Shaker claims that he is innocent, but we all remember the video that was released during the clashes with the army in which he said: “We killed two of you pigs …”.

It seems his Saudi link his pushing for setting him free. The LBC TV, owned by Prince Walid Bin Talal, reached his hiding place and had an interview with him. Salem al-Hindi, head of Rotana, owned by Prince Walid Bin Talal, said that Shaker is welcome to return to Rotana to produce his songs.

I strongly believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. But it seems we will have another masquerade in court and Shaker will be set free. He will not be accountable for his involvement in clashes against Lebanese army, killing of Lebanese soldiers and incitement to murder. He will be set free due to his Saudi connection.

2014 starts as 2013 ended

Haret Hreik Car Explosion

At least five people were killed and 20 others wounded in a car bomb attack that rocked the Beirut southern suburb of Haret Hreik. The booby-trapped car exploded near al-Manar television’s old building on al-Arid Street in Haret Hreik, the TV network said. The bombing occurred hundreds of meters away from the headquarters of Hizbullah’s political bureau, al-Manar said, after media reports said the blast went off near the HQ. According to Naharnet post.

Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat Lebanon


According to LBC news, the Lebanese General Security arrests Al-Nusra Front militant in Halat as he prepared explosives. Let’s see if those whom I previously criticized concerning their stand in Maaloula, will comment on this event. Didn’t they want Halat airport or Hamat airport to open? They feared Hizbullah right? Now they go al-Nusra (Qaeda) members preparing for bombs in their own backyard. They used to talk about “fertile ground” right? So what will they say about Jabhat al-Nusra in Halat preparing bombs? Halat is not Tripoli …

Smell of death

Tripoli bombing (Reuters)

We thought that we will not have to smell it again.

We thought that those days are over.

We thought that after all these years of war and destruction we had learned our lesson.

We thought we will not see death on streets anymore.

We thought we will never see burned bodies in their cars anymore.

We thought we will never have to pick up people by pieces from streets, balconies, …

We thought we will not see red blood mixed with car oil, firefighters water, … on the streets.

From Dahyeh (Beirut suburb) to Tripoli (North Lebanon), the angel of death passed by and reminded us that we were wrong.

The ugly faces and speeches of politicians brought us back to reality. Lebanese are bunch of ignorant, bunch of fool, bunch of idiots for marching and clapping for these politicians.

The angel of death will keep collecting lives in ugliest ways as long as these politicians are running the country.

They all denounced the car bombs the first day. On the second day, they all showed their ugly faces and their rented mouth. Yes their rented mouth, because each one of them is bought by a regional or international power. The game of blaming began and none of them really cared about the innocent blood that was shed on the streets from Dahyeh to Tripoli.

These politicians and their supporters are partners in slaughtering the country.

Sex offender deported to Lebanon


According to Global News, a Lebanese man (Louay Khalil) was deported from Canada on July 17, 2013 for “serious criminality”. He was convicted of two sex offences. One of the charges allegedly involved a developmentally disabled woman. He served his prison term in Canada and now he is in Lebanon.

The question that poses itself was Mr. Khalil been questioned once he entered Lebanon? Was he put under surveillance? Were his neighbors notified of his crimes in Canada? Who is doing a follow up on him? Who is making sure that he doesn’t commit similar crimes in Lebanon?