Human Rights

The record of Human rights in Lebanon is a matter of concern for many Lebanese nationals. The country record is below average.

The Term that fits


A Chauvinist pig thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women. Yesterday, Zahle MP, Nicolas Fattouche, assaulted an employee of the courthouse in Baabda responsible…
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5 facts you didn’t know about Syrian refugees in Lebanon


Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation – Wed, 21 May 2014 Author: Magda Mis and Ye Li Every fifth person in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee – the highest concentration of refugees per capita in the world. An equivalent influx to the UK…
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Regional differences in the conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

A Syrian refugee holds a baby in a refug...A Syrian refugee hold

A good paper written by Sam van Vliet and Guita Hourani. “This paper explores these variations by analyzing, first, differences among host communities and, second, by examining the dissimilarities among geographic settlements. The paper reveals that the conditions of Syrian refugees depend…
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Another victim of domestic violence


This time, it was the 24 years old Rakya Mounzer. Last week, in Bourj Barajneh, a suburb of Beirut, Rakya wanted a divorce. Instead, the pregnant young woman was shot an killed by her husband. According KAFA , a Lebanese…
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A Major win for Gay rights in Lebanon


Judge Naji El Dahdah presiding over a case prosecuting homosexuality has ruled that a notorious piece of legislation criminalizing gay sex is not valid. The judge cleared a transsexual woman of having a same-sex relationship with a man, an act criminalized…
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Art censorship

According to Beirut.con article, On May 8, Fransabank launched the 9th edition of its JABAL exhibition at Hotel Le Gray to great success, with 18 of the 25 artists having sold their artwork during the launching event alone. But one artist’s…
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Dictateur” ‘s owner assaults clients for protesting breach of smoking ban


I received the following and would like to share with you. On February 14, what began as a fun Valentine’s night for Dalal Mawad at Dictateur in Gemmayze took a turn for the worse. Dalal was doing her job as…
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