Human Rights

The record of Human rights in Lebanon is a matter of concern for many Lebanese nationals. The country record is below average.

17000 disappeared in Lebanon

ACT Shared exp project 27

A friend of mine pointed out the site of Act for the DISAPPEARED . 17000 Lebanese citizen disappeared during Lebanon civil war. No official or political party is willing to open the file of those who disappeared. Maybe because all current…
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Difference between Merkel and Erdogan

Mosleh Serieddine posted the following picture and this comment on Facebook page: The first picture is a Christian woman carrying a beer The second on a Muslim holding the Koran The first received 800 000 Syrian refugees The second send…
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How come they didn’t accept any refugee?


How come Lebanon this tiny country brought to its knees by sectarianism and billions of dollars in debt opened its doors to over a million Syrian refugee? To be exact 1,143,941 registered refugee. How come Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Bahrain…
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Leaked Video: Lebanese internal Security Forces torturing prisoners


  Couple of days ago, a video was leaked on social media have revealed police officers beating and torturing several Islamist prisoners held in Lebanon’s Roumieh prison. , prompting the justice minister to call for an investigation into the incidents….
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Violence against Women: He shot her 20 times

She filled charges against her husband for allegedly beating her over 20 years so he emptied 20 bullets in her body. Ali al-Zein killed his wife, Sara al-Amin, using an AK47 in the suburb of Dohat Aramoun, about 10 kilometers south…
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Under Pressure: the impact of Syrian refugees on Lebanon

Syrian refuge

The continuous deterioration of the security in Syria as a result of the ongoing crisis has forced thousands of Syrians to flee to Lebanon. According to UNHCR estimates, by December 2015 Lebanon will host 1,846,150 Syrian refugees. In 2014, UNHCR had…
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Syria killed my father

walid joumblatt

“Syria Killed my father”, Kamal Jumblatt was killed in 1977 by Syrian intelligence. Since that date, his son, Walid, “was forced” and “Based on my conviction that I am an Arab nationalist and based on the threats that were surrounding…
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Où son mes filles ? Noyées ?


In August 1989, at dawn, Syrian gunners tried to sink a vessel that used to shuttle people between the port of Jounieh and port of Larnaca in Cuprus. They fired dozens of rockets into the sea. Two Lebanese sisters, aged…
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The Flower Seller

Fatima the Flower Seller

The Flower Seller paintings was painted in 1941 and depicts a young woman kneeling with a very large bundle of calalilies. In Lebanon we have different flower sellers. Ours are young kids who are forced to sell flowers on the…
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Follow Up: Human Rights defenders on trial for denouncing torture in Lebanon

CLDH representatives on trial

The first public court session of CLDH representatives Marie Daunay and Wadih Al-Asmar was held Yesterday in front of Judge Elias Khoury (Publication Court of Baabda) in the presence of NGOs,  the European Union, embassies and United Nations representatives, showing their support to the two…
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