Kataeb party and rape

"There are certain circumstances where we need to ask ourselves if women have a role in pushing men to rape them" MP Marouni
“There are certain circumstances where we need to ask ourselves if women have a role in pushing men to rape them” MP Marouni

Lebanese MP Elie Marouni blames Lebanese women for getting raped. When asked about the Lebanese penal code law that stipulates that a rapist can marry his victim whereby absolving him of his crime. His reply was as follows:  “There are certain circumstances where we need to ask ourselves if women have a role in pushing men to rape them,” Marouni said. Hey idiot, there are no circumstances. Rape is rape and its a crime. Marouni is a chauvinist pig. Rape is never the victim fault. Rape is the fault of those who committed this ugly crime and specially the fault of people like MP Marouni.

Women do not ask to be raped. Neither by the way they dress, the way they behave or their line of work. It is sickening to hear an MP blaming a victim of a crime for the crime that someone else committed against them.

Here we have, an MP that represents the Kataeb party, covering rape. What will be the position of the party? Do they agree with his position? If Marouni is not asked to resign and kicked out of the Kataeb party, then it is clear that the party, its leader Sami Gemayel and all Kataeb members are defending rapists.

My question to all members of the Kataeb party, from Sami to the newest recruit, when will you kick this chauvinist pig from the party and force him to resign as an MP?

17000 disappeared in Lebanon

A friend of mine pointed out the site of Act for the DISAPPEARED . 17000 Lebanese citizen disappeared during Lebanon civil war. No official or political party is willing to open the file of those who disappeared. Maybe because all current political leaders have a hand in the disappearance of these Lebanese.

According to the site, who are the disappeared? “There are several thousand people who are missing and forcibly disappeared in Lebanon. The greater majority of them went missing during the Lebanese war (1975- 1990) at the hands of Lebanese militias, as well as local and foreign armed groups. Disappearances continued to occur even after the war, but on a smaller scale, namely in the context of the presence of the Israeli occupation army and the Syrian army. In Lebanon most of the missing and disappeared are civilians. Many were kidnapped from their homes, from the streets, or at checkpoints controlled by militias or foreign troops. Apart from kidnappings, many people are thought to have disappeared as a result of mass killings and the successive rounds of violence.”

You can read the stories of some of those who disappeared on this link. Let us all ACT to bring closer to their families.

Difference between Merkel and Erdogan

Mosleh Serieddine posted the following picture and this comment on Facebook page:

The first picture is a Christian woman carrying a beer
The second on a Muslim holding the Koran
The first received 800 000 Syrian refugees
The second send 800 000 terrorist to Syria.
A woman can’t rule, A woman has half a brain (according to Muslim teachings) but this doesn’t apply when we have half-men

How come they didn’t accept any refugee?

How come Lebanon this tiny country brought to its knees by sectarianism and billions of dollars in debt opened its doors to over a million Syrian refugee? To be exact 1,143,941 registered refugee.

How come Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, the richest Arab countries took a total of ZERO refugee?

Some of these countries are part of this genocide that is happening in Syria by finding Syrian and foreigner armed groups.

How come these Muslim countries are not helping their fellow Muslims?

The damn Arabism is dead.

Leaked Video: Lebanese internal Security Forces torturing prisoners


Couple of days ago, a video was leaked on social media have revealed police officers beating and torturing several Islamist prisoners held in Lebanon’s Roumieh prison. , prompting the justice minister to call for an investigation into the incidents. Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said he is responsible and vowed to bring those policemen to justice and take all legal measures against those found guilty of misconduct. justice Minister Ashraf Rifi called the incidents “brutal and barbaric”, pushed to name those behind the beatings, “in order to refer them to specialized judiciary and punish them duly”. According to the Daily Star newspaper, Pro-Islamist Twitter pages have identified the prisoners as Sheikh Omar Atrash from the northeastern border town of Arsal, Qatibah al-Asaad from the Lebanese border area of Wadi Khaled and Wael al-Samad from the Dinnieh town of Bakhoun in north Lebanon. So far Five members of the Internal Security Forces are under arrest.

The video sparked demonstrations on Sunday, with hundreds of people in the northern town of Tripoli blocking roads and staging sit-ins in protest at what local media are dubbing “Lebanon’s Abu Ghraib,” in reference to images that surfaced in 2003 showing US officials torturing inmates in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison.

It seems that the video was taken after the last uprising in the prison. Regardless of the uprising or the crimes these terrorists committed (killing Lebanese soldiers, aiding terrorists cells, …) no one, including terrorists, shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. This is not the way to curb terrorism or avenge the death of security forces members. The best way is to have a due process, fail trials and let each person serves his verdict in prison. The answer to violence is not violence. We will fall in a vicious cycle. These terrorists will use this video and these action to spread more hatred.

That said, we must also look into who was helping these prisoners? On several occasions, the security forces found cell phones, computers, … in their cells. Many terrorist attacks were planned inside the prison. Who was the head of the Internal Security Forces during this time?  Who allowed them to have access to the outside world? Who gave them all these privileges? We should take a step further and look into who armed them and allowed them to form terrorist cells to attack the Lebanese army? In addition, I understand the reaction of the people who protested the tortures and blocked roads but how come you didn’t show and closed roads when Lebanese soldiers were killed by those terrorists? I’ve one other questions: who filmed this tape? why he filmed it? Who asked him to film it? Why it was released now and not before? Who asked to leak it? Is this Minister Rifi vs Minister Mashnouq?

The saga of these prisoners and Roumieh prison been dragging for a long time. Set trials dates for them and let each one of them face the justice system. Hate breeds hate. Violence breeds violence. Terrorists are eager to have such materials to use them in their propaganda.

Violence against Women: He shot her 20 times

She filled charges against her husband for allegedly beating her over 20 years so he emptied 20 bullets in her body. Ali al-Zein killed his wife, Sara al-Amin, using an AK47 in the suburb of Dohat Aramoun, about 10 kilometers south of Beirut.

One of the sons told Al-Jadeed TV his father had kicked his mother out of the house over the weekend following a quarrel presumably linked to her pressing domestic violence charges against him earlier this month. He said his mother returned overnight before the murder and got into a fierce argument with her husband, adding that he and his siblings woke up to the sound of gunfire, only to find their mother lying on the sofa soaked in her own blood with their father still holding his weapon. The son said his father “had been beating my mother for 20 years,” adding: “We want justice.”

How many women need to be beaten and killed to put down rules to protect women? How many deaths are needed to develop a national strategy to educate people about violence against women? Family Violence is the most common form of violence experienced by women in Lebanon.

When will this chauvinist society understand that a real man doesn’t hit a woman with even a flower????

Under Pressure: the impact of Syrian refugees on Lebanon

country-lbnThe continuous deterioration of the security in Syria as a result of the ongoing crisis has forced thousands of Syrians to flee to Lebanon. According to UNHCR estimates, by December 2015 Lebanon will host 1,846,150 Syrian refugees. In 2014, UNHCR had 1,435,840 Syrian refugee registered with them. Lebanon population is around 4.3 million. By the end of 2015, the Syrian refugees will represent around 43% of Lebanon population. The figures can be higher, many refugees sneak into the country without getting registered by the authorities.

Recently, the Lebanese government has established an inter-ministerial crisis cell, and imposed restrictions at the borders. These measures will not deter Syrians from entering the country. These scary numbers of refugees are putting a burden on Lebanese economy and will play a major role in Lebanon demographics in the future. Add to that, the misery these refugees are living in.

Lebanese had experience with refugees. They know how their generosity and the policy of opening doors to people in need backfired and dragged Lebanon into a civil war. During Arab-Israeli war, Lebanon opened its doors to Palestinian refugees. It is to note that currently, Lebanon is home to 1.5 million Palestinian refugee. Some regional and international powers decided to arm the Palestinians to wage a war against Israel from Lebanon. This decision dragged Lebanon into a civil war. Some might decide to do the same with the Syrian refugees in the future. Looking at what is happening between the two Muslim sects (Sunnite and Shiite) in Iraq, Yemen and Syria, it is inevitable that the Syrian refugees (mostly Sunnite) will be used to fuel a religious war in Lebanon.

Lebanon is in danger of entering a new civil war, it’s the duty of the international community to take charge of Syrian refugees crisis in Lebanon. Its their duty to avoid repeating the Palestinian example. The international community must take charge and issue initiatives to either end the Syrian civil war or accept these refugees in their countries. Lebanon, in its current political and economic crisis, can’t handle this amount of refugees.

By the end of 2015, the number of all refugees in Lebanon will be more than 50% of Lebanon population. A major disaster is in the making.