The Term that fits

A Chauvinist pig thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women.

Yesterday, Zahle MP, Nicolas Fattouche, assaulted an employee of the courthouse in Baabda responsible for filing lawyers complaints. According to media sources, MP Fattouche arrived at the complaints office to file a complaint. The employee, Manale Daou was working on filing complaints but the MP insisted to serve him first. The deputy didn’t like that Mme Daou took few seconds to put the files she has in front of her in order, he proceeded to insult her and grabbed her by the shoulder trying to hit her. People at the scene calmed the MP who eventually left the office. Mme Daou didn’t file a complaint and some news sources said she was forced to send an apology to the deputy.

In a normal country an investigation would be opened, if the reports proved to be true, the deputy would be stripped of his immunity and brought to justice. But this is Lebanon, where chauvinist pigs become deputy, the story will vanishes in few days. Justice will not be served and Manal Daou, the civil servant in Baabda courthouse will be forced to stay silent. She will threatened directly or indirectly not to file a complaint against MP Fattoush. From his side, MP Fattoush will lead a normal life and probably will be elected again. Oh wait, I forgot, probably the parliament will accept the extension draft proposal presented by MP Fattoush few weeks ago to extend the term of Lebanon’s legislature for a period of 31 month.  It is to note that Fattoush had submitted the first Parliament extension draft law back in May 2013. He stroked 3 times, twice in the parliament and once in the Baabda courthouse. The victim of his strikes in the Parliament is the Lebanese people and in Baabda courthouse Manal Daou and every woman subjected to violence in Lebanon.


Act for the Disappeared during Lebanon civil war

Tomorrow is the day! Show your support to the families of #missing and visit their weekly sit in in front of grand serail in downtown Beirut from 11 to 4.


5 facts you didn’t know about Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation – Wed, 21 May 2014
Author: Magda Mis and Ye Li

Every fifth person in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee – the highest concentration of refugees per capita in the world. An equivalent influx to the UK would be 14 million refugees.
Follow this link to find out about the 5 facts you didn’t know about Syrian refugees.

Regional differences in the conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

A good paper written by Sam van Vliet and Guita Hourani. “This paper explores these variations by analyzing, first, differences among host communities and, second, by examining the dissimilarities among geographic settlements. The paper reveals that the conditions of Syrian refugees depend on the geographical areas of their settlement within Lebanon. Host-refugee relations also show a direct relationship to the variant geographical areas and their socio-demographic compositions. This paper concludes that geographical differences are of vital importance to be considered when studying the living conditions of refugees, developing policies, or designing aid programs.

To continue reading this article online follow this Link.  Or you can Download a PDF version.


Another victim of domestic violence

This time, it was the 24 years old Rakya Mounzer. Last week, in Bourj Barajneh, a suburb of Beirut, Rakya wanted a divorce. Instead, the pregnant young woman was shot an killed by her husband.

According KAFA , a Lebanese NGO involved in the fight against domestic violence, Rakya husband was arrested . The same source indicates that the medical examiner issued a brief report does not mention the bruises that were on the body of the victim . The NGO also states that the family of the young woman asked that his body be exhumed and examined again.

Rakya is a chain of live dramas that been hitting women in Lebanon. What is going to take to stop domestic violence?

Mother’s day in Lebanon

Today is the first day of spring and at the same time it is Mother’s day in Lebanon. In this occasion, I would like to bow in front of every mother who have lost a child during Lebanon’s civil war, their loss can’t be replaced. A salute to every mother who still doesn’t know the whereabouts of her child, its time to put an end to their nightmares. A  rose to every mother who was kidnapped and placed in a Syrian jail, their case should not be forgotten. An extended hand to every battered women, may the hand that rises against you be cut for ever. A yes vote for every mother who is not allowed to give its citizenship to her kids.

May this day brings you patience, hope, justice and love.