2016 Lebanon Municipality elections

jackassOn May 15, the Lebanese have a date with the municipality elections. A date with a possibility to change things.

Will they say enough to corruption and their leaders? Will they put their own health, lives, and future before any sect and religion? Will the garbage, water, and electricity crisis make them vote against those who have led them to the ground? Or the Lebanese vote as they usually do? Will they line-up like this picture and vote or they vote for change this time? Knowing them, jackass will always stay jackass.

Prove me wrong. For ONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the day or best Lebanese quote

Five minutes after your birth, they will decide your name, your nationality, your religion and your sect. You will spent your entire life stupidly defending things that your never chose.

Thank God March 14 is not in Montreal

Hmm or maybe I should say, it would have been better if they were. At least they will benefit all their supporters (male crowd and some female too 🙂 ). A friend of mine sent me a link via whatsapp asking me to read the article. The piece appeared in the famous Montreal blog: http://www.mtlblog.com/. Title of the article: Montreal Steak & Blowjob Day Is Next Week. Guess what??? March 14th is the official Steak & Blowjob Day in Montreal. That is a hell of a marketing tool for March 14 political group in Lebanon. Their popularity will sky-rocket if they adapt the same thing on March 14 as their new marketing tool. For those interested in reading more about Montreal Steak & Blowjob, follow this link.

Lebanese Next President: White Paper

Few minutes ago, the first round of attempting to elect a Lebanese President led to the following results: 52 White Paper, 48 votes to Samir Geagea, One vote for Amine Gemayel and 7 cancelled ballots.

Samir Geagea didn’t get the 50 plus votes that he said he will get and he was beat by the White paper.

Next Wednesday will witness the second round of elections.

Hariri: Policy Statement Proves ‘Army-People-Resistance’ Formula is No More

I saw the following reply to Hariri statement on a Facebook post. Its a caricature from Al Nahar newspaper. It also applies as a reply to Boutros Harb statement and others of March 14 leaders …..