Smell of death

We thought that we will not have to smell it again.

We thought that those days are over.

We thought that after all these years of war and destruction we had learned our lesson.

We thought we will not see death on streets anymore.

We thought we will never see burned bodies in their cars anymore.

We thought we will never have to pick up people by pieces from streets, balconies, …

We thought we will not see red blood mixed with car oil, firefighters water, … on the streets.

From Dahyeh (Beirut suburb) to Tripoli (North Lebanon), the angel of death passed by and reminded us that we were wrong.

The ugly faces and speeches of politicians brought us back to reality. Lebanese are bunch of ignorant, bunch of fool, bunch of idiots for marching and clapping for these politicians.

The angel of death will keep collecting lives in ugliest ways as long as these politicians are running the country.

They all denounced the car bombs the first day. On the second day, they all showed their ugly faces and their rented mouth. Yes their rented mouth, because each one of them is bought by a regional or international power. The game of blaming began and none of them really cared about the innocent blood that was shed on the streets from Dahyeh to Tripoli.

These politicians and their supporters are partners in slaughtering the country.

To bomb or not to bomb

For the past two days the news buzz around is “to bomb or not to bomb”. According to American intelligence sources, Assad regime used chemicals weapons on his people. The results over 1,400 people killed. A friend wrote on his Facebook status something interesting and maybe many had missed. He asked how come the U.S. is ready to bomb now when a chemical weapon was used and didn’t intervene while thousands died in the past 2 years. He asks what is the difference between killing with a bullet or a bomb and being killed by a chemical agent.

I replied to his status about the radicalization of the Syrian opposition and how the western media and intelligence reports state that Jabhat al-Nusra is leading the opposition in several parts of Syria. What I get is an ignorant reply from another member concerning Sunnite-Shiite. Well this ignorant and his reply are not worth debating here.

I would like to raise another point, how come the U.S. gave Syrian a free hand in Lebanon from 1976 to 2005? How come the U.S. allowed the Syrians to kill thousands of Lebanese, displaced half of the population, assassinated any political leaders that opposed the occupation, kidnapped thousands … ? When this Syrian regime sided with the U.S. in its war against Iraq ( In August of 1990 Iraq invaded its neighboring country of Kuwait), it was given the green light to launch aerial and ground attacks and occupied the last free regions in Lebanon.

In short, human lives do not count when there is a common interest. The Syrian regime should have been stopped long long long time ago. It shouldn’t have been allowed to enter Lebanon in 1976, it should have not given Lebanon as a trophy for siding with the U.S. in its war in Iraq.

Are the lives of those killed in Lebanon during the Syrian occupation and those who died in Syria in the past two years are less important than those who were killed by the use of a chemical weapon?

How come U.S. officials had no problem sitting on one table and sharing bread (see picture) with a president and a regime that they know have killed thousands of people and they just remembered yesterday that its an ugly and monstrous regime?




Knowing Bachir

On August 23, 1982, Bachir Gemayel was elected President of Lebanon. The best way to know Bachir is to hear his speeches. The following is taken from  Taken from the article:  The voice of a commander and statesman: Bashir Gemayel  by Pete Ajemianis a New York-based researcher and Contributing Editor for Arab Media & Society.

Speaking as Lebanese president-elect (September 8, 1982):

I come here today to request that you not pull an Ahmad Saeedii on me. I’ve come to request that when you have any apprehensions, to reveal them publicly with all due love an respect for me and others, for it’s necessary that the truth be said. And you in radio and all other forms of media, it’s your responsibility to speak the truth, since when it’s you who make the people live, make the ruler live, make officials live it’s as if everything’s fine and as it should be.

[If you say] the security forces are sent down to West [Beirut], and the army is dispatched, and they threw rice, sugar, perfume, flowers, and whatever else, but in reality this isn’t happening, then you’re cheating the army, you’re cheating the state, you’re cheating your situation, you’re cheating public opinion, you’re cheating everybody, you’re not providing a service to the people.

If the army or the Security Forces were to be sent somewhere, TV reporters go down to check it out so we won’t be cheated, so we don’t lie to the people anymore, so we don’t lie to ourselves about our situation anymore. We no longer want [military] television inspections. We should do an inspection in silence between us as accountable people; we no longer have the right to cheat the people… (section of video omitted) (beginning at 2:25) The ruler needs someone to tell him the truth, and maybe we got what we had from ’43 until today because there was someone to reach up, make people kiss his hand and say, “Whatever you want master;” they kiss his hand, and they placate him as much as they can to win [his approval]…

[The media] show him on television as much as possible, drag out his speeches as much as they can, and show his picture and put on his family, village, and clan. These things, I beg you, let’s do without them, it cost us a hundred thousand dead, all these things cost us our children, it cost us our homes, it cost us our sovereignty and independence, it cost us the horrible situation that we were living in for the past eight years with all the cocktails of armies [imaginable] on our land.

Tell the truth, speak honestly as it is, and give everyone their due. If the president deserves credit then give it to him; if the Prime Minister deserves credit then give it to him. If the president wants to make a speech for 30 minutes just to be on TV cut it…

[If] the Prime Minister wants to have an appearance every Wednesday, and if it has no added value then it shouldn’t be put [on air]. If ministers have nothing to say don’t put them on, but if they do keep them on for 24 hours. But if there’s nothing then there’s nothing.

Things from now on should have meaning. Things from now on should have value. Starting today things will be one plus one equals two. They don’t add up to eleven – From now on the situation will be that everybody will have their own responsibility Each one of us must bear his own responsibility. No one should bear someone else’s mistake, they should bear their own – because after today I hope to that I will be able to work [within a system of] reward and punishment. He who works correctly should be honored, should be raised up, should be respected; it should be acknowledged that these people have worked. He that totally screws up (khabas) with good intentions we should treat him in a tactful way, [but] he who screws up with bad intentions we’ll say to him there’s no place for you here.

Clip II

We will help to create correct social security, to create a social apparatus that can decrease the burdens for all citizens, but the state as an administration is not able to carry these burdens. It’s not able to carry these vestiges. The administration should be scaled back it should be purified. Purified doesn’t mean that everyone who didn’t vote for us we send them home, no. Or everyone that doesn’t say “whatever you want master” or “long live [the ruler]” like they did in the past, no. It should be scaled back. It should be corrected. It should be cleaned.

Like Sheikh Pierre [Gemayel] says, an administration in the hands of the ruler should be like a chisel in the hands of a sculptor. Today there is a sound ruler who needs a sound administration. A ruler who will be sincere, clean, and honorable, he needs an administration that will also be responsive to these aspirations and views.

This is the model that I will try to follow even if they try to smother me from all sides with laws, protocols, personal connections, bribes, etc. I hope that I won’t be influenced by these things and I’m not usually one of those people who are; I am not one that would be overwhelmed by these issues, or I am not someone who is running for parliamentary elections, or for a ministerial nomination, and the presidency I did it you all know how… you know these things aren’t very influential with me…

I come with a purpose that is very specific: 10,452 square kilometers… I come with a purpose that is very specific that after today our children will no longer be killed like they were killed in the past, our homes will no longer be destroyed like they were destroyed in the past, our sovereignty will no longer be violated like it was violated in the past, we will no longer have a state of disorder, because a country, a nation, in all the meaning of the word, we will pay its price. (speech continues)


Chapeau to Sejaan Azzi

A car bomb late Thursday afternoon went off on the main road between the Al-Roueiss and Bir al-Abed areas of Beirut’s Hezbollah-stronghold of Dahiyeh, leaving at least 27 people dead and 230 injured. There are different ideas on who placed the bomb but this is not the subject I am tackling in this article.

This car explosion wasn’t directed against a political leader, a military on security official from Hizballah. It was placed to kill innocent people or maybe supporters of Hizbullah. In short, its purpose is to kill civilians, spread terror among Lebanese and maybe put a final sword in the Sunnite-Shiite relation in Lebanon.

Regardless of the purpose behind this bomb, March 14 leaders failed to grasp a major opportunity to close the schism between the shiite community and the rest of the Lebanese. The first day, March 14 leaders declared their sorrow for such bombing and the next day used this bombing that killed innocent people to attack Hizbullah involvement inside Syria. Some, like MP Nadim Gemayel, went further and held Hassan Nasrallah responsible for this attack due to his policy in Syria. Yet none of March 14 criticized the involvement of Sunnite fighters in Syria. It is to note that Sunnite fighters entered Syria way before Hizbullah decided to enter the battle. Never heard them opposing using Lebanese borders to send sunnite and Qaeda fighters from Lebanon to Syria.

As usual, they failed in making a step that might have helped our situation in Lebanon. Only the Deputy Head of Kataeb party Sejaan Azzi did so. He visited the place of the bombing and stood with the innocent people. He didn’t attack Hizbullah political stand and instead he used this sad moment to call for unity among the Lebanese political party.

Chapeau Mr. Azzi.

Those who supported the Orthodox Law should refuse postponing the elections

Lebanon is heading to postpone the parliamentary election. Instead of voting on a new electoral law, the deputies will enter the parliament to vote for postponing elections and the life of this current parliament to November 20, 2014. The reason “the security situation”.

What “security situation” are they talking about? How come these deputies can go out and enjoy life in clubs, restaurants, beaches, … but when it comes to election there is a “security situation”. These bunch of failures use “security” as a tool to postpone the election. Few weeks ago, the parliament was heading into voting the “orthodox law“, which would have given the Christians of Lebanon a breathing room and some of their rights that were stepped upon during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon till today. The surprise came from Samir Geagea at the last minute, he backed up from supporting this law and presented a mixed law that no one accepted. We had Christian majority, Shiite majority, and partial Sunnite and Druze support for the Orthodox law. Samir Geagea dropped it and he claimed that because the majority of the Lebanese political parties do not support it.

How about democracy Mr. Geagea and voting? Isn’t it the base of any democratic system is the voting? If the majority of the Lebanese deputies vote for an election law, the rest must follow. But it is not about who supports it, it is mostly the political calculations on how much the Future movement will give us deputies if we drop the “Orthodox law”. For sure, there is also that tweet few years ago from Saad Hariri that kept Samir Geagea hope alive. His hope of becoming the President of the Republic.

Everything went down the drain and while the Arab world is calling for more freedom and for election, the Lebanese are heading back to extending and postponing elections. The people voted these deputies for a term of 4 years. They didn’t vote for extending their terms another year an a half. Deputies and political leaders must respect those who voted for them.

Samir Geagea is invited this time, if he really cares about democracy, as well as all christian parties to boycott the next parliamentary session that is going to postpone the elections and extend the term of the current parliament.

Between Aitat Village and Beirut Southern Suburbs

Between them there is around 13 km, the distance that 2 Grad missiles traveled from Aitat village and landed in Beirut Suburbs. Results: destruction and 4 injured. It took less than 24 hours for the Syrian opposition and their Lebanese supporters to answer back to Hassan Nasrallah Speech.

Nasrallah declared yesterday: “If Syria falls in the hands of the Takfiris and the U.S., the resistance will become under a siege and Israel will enter Lebanon. If Syria falls, the Palestinian cause will be lost ”. He added that Hezbollah fighters are fighting in Syria to defend the backbone of the “Resistance”. He told others that is you have a problem with Hezbollah to go fight them inside Syria and leave Lebanon alone.

Yesterday, the Syrian Free army answered back and told Nasrallah that they will take this fight to Lebanon. This morning, 2 Grad missiles slammed the Southern Suburbs of Beirut (Hezbollah stronghold). Ammar al-Wawi, the Secretary of the Free Syrian Army, declared today that these two missiles are just a warning and more to come if Hezbollah doesn’t stop his attacks in Syria.

There is more than 13 km between Aitat and Beirut Southern suburbs. There is fighters from Hezbollah crossing to Syria. There is Salfist Jihadist crossing to Syria. There are the involvement of regional and international countries. More important there is the Lebanese people who doesn’t learn that being the tool in the hands of these countries to implement their own agenda will bring nothing but war and destruction. What is going to take for the Lebanese to learn that? Another civil/religious war?

Between Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen

Many blames the Syrian conflict for the clashes in Tripoli that have been raging for the past few days. Around 20 people killed and hundreds injured so far. The spill over, they call it. Other blames the battle of Qusair in Syria and Hzbullah involvement there that is turning the tide in favor of the Syrian regime. Again, the spill over, as they’ve been saying.

Those who tell you that this is a spill over do not know the region and for sure they do not know Lebanon. Most important, they do not know the history of Lebanon, history of the religions, the sects, …. . I mean if you spill something, you do it once and you clean it or wipe it off. How many spill overs we had so far in Lebanon? I’ll stick to recent modern history:

  • In 1948 more than 100,000 Palestinian refuges spilled over from Palestine to Lebanon.
  • In 1958 Abdel Nasser Lebanese (and Palestinian) supporters spilled over in Lebanon streets.
  • In 1975 hell broke lose, cold war spilled over. Arab-Israeli conflict spilled over. PLO land spilled over.
  • In 1976 in the name of Arabism the Syrian tanks spilled over.
  • In 1978 Israeli army spilled over in the name of protecting Northern Israel.
  • In 1980 Syrian tanks spilled over Zahle.
  • In 1982 Israeli Army spilled over and reached Beirut in the name of still protecting North Israel.
  • In 1983 Palestinians, Syrian and Druze spilled over the Mountain and Chouf in the name of Arabism.
  • In 1984 Shiite and Druze spilled over from the Lebanese Army and divided it.
  • Between 1984 and 1990 several spill overs: Amal-PLO clashes – Amal-Hizbullah Clashes – Aoun war of Liberation – Aoun-LF war of brothers, ……
  • In 1990 the Syrian tanks with the blessing of the international communities (due to their role in first Iraqi war) spilled over the last free region in lebanon.
  • After 1990 many spill overs in the name of jihad, resistance, … they spilled in the shape of torture, kidnapping and assassinations.

So we had few hundreds spill overs. Yet we blame it on others. They are spilling over, right? Not really or not entirely. Spill over one, shame on you. Spill over twice, shame on us. There is something seriously damaged in the Lebanese society. They attract the spill overs and the most important part is that their leaders encourages those who are doing the spilling and enjoy being the tools of the spill as long as their personal interest and bank accounts are served. They are the one who are arming those who are doing the spilling over. Over and over and over and over …

There is no spill over …. the Lebanese had bend over long long time ago and they enjoy being *&^&#% over and over and over. As a Lebanese proverb says: “Two things cannot be hidden: being astride a camel and being pregnant”. So let us stop the bull and say it as it is, don’t blame the spill over but blame your own for creating and arming their own spills.