Stop threatening .. Resign.

Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel Said yesterday that his party’s ministers might resign or suspend their participation in cabinet sessions should their presence in the government cease to “serve the interest of the Lebanese.” He added: “Our presence in the government is useful when we manage to stop corruption and benefit the Lebanese, but should our presence cease to serve the interest of the Lebanese then it would become unnecessary,”

Sami said the same thing on August 28, 2015 and on May 2, 2016. In less than a year, kataeb leader threatened 3 times that his 3 ministers might resign from the government. Sami been hinting that the kataeb party can’t cover the government decisions anymore and yet his ministers never resigned. My dear sami, either you put your words into action or simply zip it.

Ashraf Rifi take it easy on us

In his interview with the TV Chanel al-Arabi, General Ashraf Rifi said: “I gave to the people a lesson in pride and dignity and the free decision”. Where was your pride, dignity and free decision under Syrian rule of Lebanon? You were collaborating with the Syrians back then. You won in municipality elections, in the free world, no one gives a damn about it. So please spare us your “pride, dignity and free decision”. We all know that you used to serve the Syrian occupation. If Hariri wasn’t assassinated, you would have been still serving them.

Ashraf Rifi take it easy.

Why not electing president?

Division between political parties prevented for over two years the Lebanese parliament to choose a president. Today, we saw in the municipal election of Beirut and other areas these parties come together in order not to allow the young generation candidates, who are eager to make a change, to win seats. Aoun Tayyar Movement, Samir Geagea Lebanese Forces, Nabih Berri Amal, Hassan Nasrallah Future, Walid Jumblat PSP, Tashnaq, …. all joined forces in Beirut municipality.

Can someone enlighten their followers and ask them how come they join forces in municipal election and can’t pick a president? All of a sudden they became friends and ran on the same list. You, the blind follower, don’t you see anything wrong with it? Can’t you see that the joke is on you?


2016 Lebanon Municipality elections

jackassOn May 15, the Lebanese have a date with the municipality elections. A date with a possibility to change things.

Will they say enough to corruption and their leaders? Will they put their own health, lives, and future before any sect and religion? Will the garbage, water, and electricity crisis make them vote against those who have led them to the ground? Or the Lebanese vote as they usually do? Will they line-up like this picture and vote or they vote for change this time? Knowing them, jackass will always stay jackass.

Prove me wrong. For ONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samples of how much Lebanon and surrounding countries are F. Up

chbaroSample 1:  Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila was forced to cancel their Friday concert in Amman. Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism withdrew the band’s license to perform in what seems to be a blatant censoring of Mashrou’ Leila’s outspoken support of gender equality, gay rights, and religious freedom.

Sample 2: Beirut Madinati, young Lebanese group, who had enough of the filth and corruption that they are living, decided to run in Beirut in the next municipality elections. On the other side you have Sheikh Omar Chebaro (Imam of Ras Beirut Mosque) posting on Facebook: “Boycotted the list of civil marriage .. “Beirut Madinati”. Please beware of their concealed call for vice, promotion of secularization and to facilitate the way for the promotion of civil marriage and homosexuality … these candidates have these ideas and these are their real goals do not be tempted by their by their false and flimsy slogans ….”

Sample 3: The Lebanese Forces (LF), the one supposed to be calling for freedom and sovereignty of Lebanon are allying in Beirut with Saad Hariri who has on his list Moughir Sinjabeh, Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya candidate. For those who don’t know who this group is, on their website you find the following: “…Islam should regulates the affairs of society in all its aspects, behavioral, social, political and economic. …”

Sample 4: The LF, in Dbayeh, according to Eddy Abi Lamaa, member of the Lebanese Forces executive body, are in alliance with the Syrian social nationalist party. This party doesn’t recognize Lebanon as a sovereign country. It advocates subsuming Lebanon into a Greater Syrian nation-state spanning the Fertile Crescent. It is to note that few days ago SSNP students burned the picture of Bachir Gemayel the founder of the Lebanese Forces.

Yet you wonder why our country and the region is Fucked up?

What does it mean?

yazchaOver the past couple of years, we heard Lebanese Muslim representatives say that we will pick a president who ever Lebanese Christians agree upon. Few month ago, the largest two Christian political parties (popularity and representation in the parliament), The Lebanese Forces and the Patriotic movement, agreed to run with Michel Aoun, head of the Patriotic movement for presidency. The first reply came from The Sunnite (future movement) by supporting Sleiman Franjieh for presidency. For his part, Hezbollah decided not to put pressure on their ally Franjieh to pull out from the race in favor of his other ally Michel Aoun.

It didn’t stop there. On Mars 26, the head of Hezbollah’s Sharia Council Sheikh Mohamed Yazbek, in clear reply to the alliance and agreement between the Lebanese Forces and the Patriotic movement, declared that they (Hezbollah) will not accept the return of Political Maronite system. On the other hand, on April 3rd, The Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon, Sheikh Malek al-Chaar, declared that they (Sunnite) will not accept to return back in time and it is wrong that Maronite or Christians decides who should represent them in the presidency. It is to note that in Lebanese sectarian system, Shiite select their representative to head the parliament and the Sunnite select their representative to head the government. So what does it mean when 2 Muslim leaders, one representing Hezbollah and the second is inline with the Future movement, refuse, both in their ways, that Christians pick their candidate for presidency? It simply means that the war on Lebanese Christians that dates back to 1860 is still going on. It means the war of 1958 and 1975 are still going on. It simply means that the project to empty the middle east of its Christians is still going on. It simply means that Muslims can’t separate religion from daily life. They have to abide by what Prophet Mohamed said: “O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies; some of them are allies of one another. Whoever of you allies himself with them is one of them. God does not guide the wrongdoing people.” Ma’idah 51.

Federalism is the solution.

What is right for Machnouk is wrong for Bassil!

Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk rejected a joint statement classifying Hezbollah as a terrorist organization at an Arab summit in Tunisia this past Wednesday. The Future Party, the one that Machnouk belongs to, slammed Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil two weeks ago for adopting the same policy last month in Cairo. Machnouk said his stand is different because he had consulted with Prime Minister Salam and Saad Hariri. Minister Bassil took the same stand and asked the Arabs to understand Lebanon interior politics and balance. We know what happened after, Saudi canceled its support to the Lebanese army., future movement and everyone who either pledge alliance to Saudi Arabia before his country or is on its payroll, opened fire on Bassil. They used Bassil decision to open fire on Bassil and Michel Aoun.

It seems that if you coördinate with Saad Hariri, its fine to take the same political decision as Bassil. It seems only Sunnite ministers can refuse to put Hizbullah on terrorist lists but not a Christian minister. It seems Hariri clan are still stuck in the mentality of they are the one who should only rule the country and everything we took from the Christians in war or in cooperating with Syrian occupation can not be returned.