Interesting Quote: “One day we will tell our children about the ordeal and death caravan that Syrian and Palestinian jumped upon trying to escape to Europe even though Mecca and the land of Muslims is closer to them. One day we will tell them about the Hijra of Prophet Mohamed and his Companions to the land of Habasha at a time it was ruled by a Christian leader who didn’t oppress his people and immigrants.


In Travel section on CNN website, there is a photo article by Jacopo Prisco, published on July 1, 2015 . You can figure out what’s about from its title: “Last chance to see: 25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction”. Picture # 11: Old Buildings of Beirut: “As if decades of civil war and bombardments weren’t enough, the remaining old buildings of Beirut are now under threat by property developers who are looking to create new luxury blocks on real estate currently occupied by traditional structures. Many have been hastily deemed unfit for living, pushing residents away: less than 350 heritage buildings now remain.” Not only old buildings of Beirut are under threat, the sea, the beaches, the rivers, the mountains, the culture, the animals and the human being are under threat of extinction in Lebanon. Ignorance and greed …. At least a foreign journalist appreciates the architecture structures that we used to have.

Yo can see all 25 structures on this link.

walid joumblatt

In his weekly opinion in the “Anba'” online newspaper, MP Walid Jumblat stated this week his ideas to get out of the current crisis. I agree with the first point but I oppose the second and third ones.

First point: “Consensus must be reached on a complete package of appointments.”

Second point: regarding the presidential vacuüm, “It is time to end futile squabbles over this issue.” All sides must resort to a settlement to agree on a compromise candidate to end the crisis, which will consequently restore authority to the constitution and state institutions, added Jumblat. “The current local and regional circumstances have proven that there is difficulty for any of the major candidates to achieve their goal of becoming president,” he noted. “There is therefore no escape from reaching a settlement and agreeing on a compromise candidate” otherwise Lebanon is forever destined to remain at this impasse, argued the PSP chief.

Third point: He urged lawmakers to hold an “exceptional session” in Parliament to approve projects funded by international organizations, including a dam in southern Lebanon.

I agree with MP Jumblat that  all vacancies should be tackled by the government as one in order not to create several problems. When it comes to presidential elections, why doesn’t Jumblat pulls out his presidential candidate who didn’t receive enough votes in the first round of election? The other two candidates will not be elected as long as his few votes are holding the election process. In a way, he is also responsible for not electing a president. If his candidate didn’t get enough votes, it means he is not a compromise candidate. I understand why Jumblat opposes Aoun or Geagea but if wants to preach about putting ends to futile squabbles, he should act on his own words and be the first to pull out his candidate. I also disagree with him that the parliament should hold exceptional session to approve projects funded by international organizations. The priority should be electing a president. Those projects can wait.

She filled charges against her husband for allegedly beating her over 20 years so he emptied 20 bullets in her body. Ali al-Zein killed his wife, Sara al-Amin, using an AK47 in the suburb of Dohat Aramoun, about 10 kilometers south of Beirut.

One of the sons told Al-Jadeed TV his father had kicked his mother out of the house over the weekend following a quarrel presumably linked to her pressing domestic violence charges against him earlier this month. He said his mother returned overnight before the murder and got into a fierce argument with her husband, adding that he and his siblings woke up to the sound of gunfire, only to find their mother lying on the sofa soaked in her own blood with their father still holding his weapon. The son said his father “had been beating my mother for 20 years,” adding: “We want justice.”

How many women need to be beaten and killed to put down rules to protect women? How many deaths are needed to develop a national strategy to educate people about violence against women? Family Violence is the most common form of violence experienced by women in Lebanon.

When will this chauvinist society understand that a real man doesn’t hit a woman with even a flower????

Fatima the Flower Seller

The Flower Seller paintings was painted in 1941 and depicts a young woman kneeling with a very large bundle of calalilies. In Lebanon we have different flower sellers. Ours are young kids who are forced to sell flowers on the streets. Our flower sellers are not something you look at and enjoy. Our flower sellers are a real tragedy. The tragedy of displacement, poverty, social destruction, child abusing, child prostitution …. The latest victim is Fatima, the flower seller in Saida. Fatima was 11 years old when she passed away. She died in a car accident. Fatima was forced to leave her home in Syria. She dropped her dreams at the door step of her house in Syria looking for safety in Lebanon. War, poverty, abuse ….. threw Fatima on the streets of Saida to sell flowers to support her mother, her stepfather and her siblings. Fatima was forced to leave school to sell flowers. She was killed in a car accident.

There are hundreds of Fatima in the streets of Lebanese cities. We heard hundreds of similar stories, yet nothing was done or changed. The tragedy of Fatima and other kids should have pulled all Lebanese together to save these kids. Don’t, you Lebanese, brag around that the Lebanese family ties and our society is better than those in the west? Do you know what will the western population do if they see an 11 years old kid selling flowers on the streets?

Isn’t it about time to stop your hypocrisy and your fake faces and do something?


Lets go guys. Lebanese who are outside Lebanon … lets all sign this petition. “If you are of Lebanese descent, and you believe that ALL people of Lebanese descent all over the world should be able to register their marriages and children in Lebanon because it is their BIRTH RIGHT; if you WANT to register in Lebanon because you care, because it is your right, please sign this petition and share it with all your friends and relatives! Thank you!” — Neemat Frem.

Link to sign petition:



They say students are the future leaders of the country. Since the late 90’s, two Lebanese Christian groups (Lebanese Forces and Tayyar Movement) been fighting each other. In the 90’s they massacred each other which led to the total control of the Baath Syrian regime over Lebanon. Since then, these two groups never managed to get over their enmity. Yet both groups claim that they are educated, working for freedom …. and want to defend democracy in Lebanon. While their fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria got kicked out of their villages and country, while ISIS is massacring them, while the Lebanese army faced two major battles in the last couple of months, …. these so claimed democratic groups can’t understand that if they will not put their enmity behind them, their future will not be different than those in Iraq and Syria. The following video is an example of their interpretation of democracy. Location: Louwayzeh University. Occasion: Student election. Note: Isn’t it about time that university across the country ban political parties activities in their camps?


Gebran Bassil, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, while shaking hands with Emirati foreign ministry delegation asked about a woman called Caroline and made a gesture in with his hand which can be translated as “physically attractive female” while describing her to the Emirati foreign minister.

M. Bassil, the son of a chauvinist society, made a gesture that not only insulted “Caroline” but the all Lebanese women. Will Bassil apologize? I doubt. As I said he is the son of the Lebanese chauvinist society. Sadly, the majority of Lebanese man are chauvinist.

I will let you decide after watching the video.


Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation – Wed, 21 May 2014
Author: Magda Mis and Ye Li

Every fifth person in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee – the highest concentration of refugees per capita in the world. An equivalent influx to the UK would be 14 million refugees.
Follow this link to find out about the 5 facts you didn’t know about Syrian refugees.