The most corrupt groups in the region.


“In Lebanon, numbers are alarming as nine in ten people (92 per cent) say that they think corruption has increased. Government officials, tax officials and members of parliament are perceived to be the most corrupt groups in the region” according…
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I will call him Adam

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook page a text written by Tamara Awad. The original text is in Arabic. He translated as best he can to English. It is an interesting short article that I would like to…
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فصل من رسالة مار مارون إلى الموارنة

نقلا عن جريدة الجمهورية الكاتب: مجد إسكندر يا اخوتي أما وقد أسستم بطريركية على اسمي بعد موتي، فلم يعد يُجدي الكلام إن كنت راضياً على ما قمتم به أو معترضاً. وكيف لي أن أزيد في متاعبكم؟ وأنتم بسبب هذا الكرسي البطريركي،…
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Rise Above Lebanon

You have to rise above Lebanon to see its beauty. I had mixed feelings when I watched this video. I loved every scene and region (couples were left out). It reminded me why I have this deep love for this country…
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How are you helping?

This question is directed to MP Nadim Gemayel. He attended today the Mass that was held in Damour village in the memory of Damour’s massacre. After the Mass MP Nadim Gemayel said:”no matter how intense the difficulties are, we stand…
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Save Adloun Port

What attend Adloun Beach (one of the most important is the lively and historic harbors of the town) in the south, through the construction of 100 thousand square meters seaport? A destruction of an old Phoenician harbor that dates back…
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One Day


Interesting Quote: “One day we will tell our children about the ordeal and death caravan that Syrian and Palestinian jumped upon trying to escape to Europe even though Mecca and the land of Muslims is closer to them. One day…
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Last chance to see: 25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction


In Travel section on CNN website, there is a photo article by Jacopo Prisco, published on July 1, 2015 . You can figure out what’s about from its title: “Last chance to see: 25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction”. Picture…
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Jumblatt proposal to get out of the crisis

walid joumblatt

In his weekly opinion in the “Anba’” online newspaper, MP Walid Jumblat stated this week his ideas to get out of the current crisis. I agree with the first point but I oppose the second and third ones. First point:…
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