Invitation to Ghazi Aad Commemoration Celebration

On the Occasion of Human Rights Day
Ghazi Aad’s Commemoration Committee:
• The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
• SOLIDE Association
• Committee of the Families of Kidnapped and the Disappeared in Lebanon
• The Lebanese Committee of the Families of Detainees in Syria
• The Lebanese Center for Human Rights
• MP Ghassan Moukheiber

You are cordially invited to
Activist Ghazi Aad’s Commemoration Ceremony
Resuming the Journey to Solve the Issue of the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared

on Saturday, 17 December, 2016 at 12:00 noon
at Gibran Garden, downtown Beirut near the Protest Tent of the Missing

Open Invitation
45 Minutes Celebration

September the Martyr’s month – part 4

It was summer 1975. Few month after the famous Ein el-emmeneh bus and the start of Lebanon civil war. I was at my uncle’s house in Ghannoum street and heading up to our house. At that time the first bunker was right behind our building. We had to jump from the balcony to get in and out of our apartment. I was walking between the buildings and through couple of oranges fields (yes they were oranges fields at the time), and one of the battles had started. When I got to the “Mrayeh” (mirror), where today stands the famous virgin Mary statue, I saw a young men in his swim suit, a towel on his shoulder, hands wrapped with couple of bandages, firing a B10 rocket from his shoulder. Ein el remmeneh, the Stalingrad of Lebanon, knew him very well. Her fronts, Maamal El riha, red shoe, Saydet Lourde, Mazda, Gallery Zaatar, Nehmeh Station, Rond point al-Barid, El Hajar building, …. Mahmasit Sanine …. if they can speak, they can tell story about his heroism. He became the leader of the area. He organized the fronts. His main concern was the security of the population and his fighters. He was beloved by all and hated by his enemies. An icon of Lebanon Stalingrad that faced all kind of attacks.  I still remember making the holes in walls from a building to another with m cousin. Both mastered the B10. They used to put it through several holes in order to hit their targets. Every time I see a corned beef can, I think of the early hours of the morning back in Ein el Remmeneh. I was entering the bakery and he was passing by. He said take these corned beef cans do with them some Lahm Baajin. We had no meat due to the fighting and he wants to treat his men with some Lahm Baajin. They turned out great.

One day, the Syrians were bombarding the area with their preferred weapon, Grad multiple rocket launchers. This time it hit our streets hard. One of them landed on the top floors of our building and others landed on buildings down the street. When we finished checking damages in our building, we moved to the others. I saw several fighters with teary eyes. When a rocket hit one of the building, one of the balconies dropped and landed and Toni Harb and other fighters. It happened he was standing in front of their office. Toni passed away defending the area in which he grew and loved.

On this day: Nadim Abdel Nour was assassinated

martyr nadim abed nourOn this day, Nadim Abdel Nour was assassinated. He was a member of the Lebanese Forces militia back then. The militia was disbanded and its leader, Samir Geagea was thrown in jail. Many LF members were arrested, tortured and some killed.
Nadim Abdel Nour was publicly executed, in broad daylight, and in front of his son. Back then, the Syrians, their agents, and their Lebanese allies were in full control of the country.  On May 3, 1992, Nadim time was up. In broad daylight, three armed men surrounded him in front of his house. He was holding his son. The whole street watching. His wife was who was on the balcony looking at her husband and son, didn’t know that she will watch the assassination of her husband. Nadim knew what those 3 men had in mind. he told them: “If you want to kill me, go ahead but not in front of my son”. He let go of his son small hand and told him “run daddy”. His son took a few steps away from him and those men opened fire and Nadim life was cut short in front of his son, wife and the neighborhood. Years later, Samir Geagea was released from jail, he returned to his normal life and his family. Geagea is now back in business on the political level. In order to do so, he had to ally himself with many politicians who were Syrian agents or politicians bowing to Syrian hegemony and others who were in key positions when Nadim and others were assassinated. 23 years had passed and no one asked to bring those killers for justice.

Again Geagea is not reading the signs

On September 24, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that President Bashar al-Assad should be involved in any Syrian peace talks amid pressure from the rising number of refugees from Syria.  She added that negotiations should also involve Iran and other “important regional partners”.

Few days ago Samir Geagea, addressed Mrs. Merkel, in an open letter through the Lebanese French daily, L’Orient le Jour, in which he reacted to Merkel’s recent statement, which stresses the need to hold dialogue with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for a political settlement in Syria.

I agree with Dr. Geagea that Bashar is a brutal dictator but what Geagea is not saying or admitting that his Saudi, Qatari … supporters made a huge mess in Syria. A mess that led millions of Syrian refugees flood Europe. The mess is called ISIS and Nusra front. An offshoot of al-Qaeda and the Qaeda representative in Syria. The Arabs created a monster that is far more dangerous to European nations and the U.S. than Assad regime. It could be that Geagea letter is simply a way to show the Saudis that he is on their side and there is still reason to keep wiring the $$$$.

The second misreading that Geagea did when he tweeted that Russia is playing with fire due to its involvement in Syria. He didn’t read the international political scene that well. What is worst is that he can’t decipher what a Nuclear deal with Iran will bring. The answer to his tweet on Russia came from Merkel herself. She declared today that it would be possible to end to the civil war in Syria only with the help of Russia, which this week launched airstrikes in the war-torn country.

Geagea, it seems, is not reading what politicians in Washington and Europe (minus French) been saying for month. After years of repeating that Assad must go now, suddenly their speech switched to Assad does not need to go just yet after all. So installing a Saudi backed regime in Syria failed big time. What it seems we will have is an Assad regime with full Russian support. Let us not forget the Iranian political role in Syria. Soon we might see a major Assad-Iran-Hezbollah military movement on the ground supported by Russian Air Force.

Russians, in the past, put bag the church bells on the top of the churches in the Middle East. They might be at it again. In the meantime, you still can’t built a church in Saudi Arabia.

As I’ve said for years, foreign financial backing is extremely bad for eyesight.

Difference between Merkel and Erdogan

Mosleh Serieddine posted the following picture and this comment on Facebook page:

The first picture is a Christian woman carrying a beer
The second on a Muslim holding the Koran
The first received 800 000 Syrian refugees
The second send 800 000 terrorist to Syria.
A woman can’t rule, A woman has half a brain (according to Muslim teachings) but this doesn’t apply when we have half-men

How come they didn’t accept any refugee?

How come Lebanon this tiny country brought to its knees by sectarianism and billions of dollars in debt opened its doors to over a million Syrian refugee? To be exact 1,143,941 registered refugee.

How come Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, the richest Arab countries took a total of ZERO refugee?

Some of these countries are part of this genocide that is happening in Syria by finding Syrian and foreigner armed groups.

How come these Muslim countries are not helping their fellow Muslims?

The damn Arabism is dead.