Siniora proud of every visit he made to Syria !

Siniora and Assad

In his intervention during his discussion with MP Assem Qanso, former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he is proud of every visit he made to Syria. Siniora adds that he wasn’t present when the Syrians asked the Lebanese government to close MTV and LBC (2 Lebanese-Christian TV stations). Maybe he wasn’t present but at the end of the day, the Lebanese government, which he was part of, followed the Syrian orders. At that time, the Lebanese Christians used to call the Syrians an occupation. In addition, whoever works with an occupation is a traitor according to the Lebanese law. In short, it was Rafiq Hariri government that muzzled both TV stations, it was Hariri government that banned the LF. It was Hariri government that gave the order to the security forces to arrest the head of the LF. It was Hariri government who allowed the torture of Lebanese Forces members and the death of Martyr Fawzi al-Rasi under torture. It was under a Hariri government that the head of the Lebanese Forces was not allowed to have fair trials and thrown for 10 years in jail. It was under a Hariri government in 2001 that a ban was implemented on two Christian groups opposed to Syria’s role in Lebanon from any political activity and warned it would punish any violations, a statement by the Central Security Council said. The ban was against the dissident groups of Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea. Both had been campaigning to oust Syria’s 20,000 troops and end its political and military influence in Lebanon. Well the list is long. Former MP Siniora was part of those governments and he was part of his visits to Syria back then as he said yesterday in the parliament. For sure he is proud, back then he was a Syrian tool and following their orders as long as they let him and his boss to rule the Ali Baba cave. Is he proud of the death of Fawzi al-Rassi death too? I never heard him or his boss or his movement apologizing for their role during the Syrian occupation. He is still proud and the Syrian would have stayed in Lebanon if Hafez al-Assad and his guards were still in power. Siniroa would have been still visiting Syria if Khaddam and Ghazi Kanaan were still in power. To Siniora current allies, remember what the Syrian did to you back then and remember what Siniora said yesterday: He is proud of his visit, of is “cooperation” with the Syrians. He is proud of the time he covered their crimes. He is proud of the time when Martyr Fawzi Rasi died on the “Balanco”.