If these don’t make people seek change, what will?

lebnon-flagA parliament that extends its own term. A paralysed government. A constitutional council that colluded with an unconstitutional extension. A Vacuum in the presidency for more than a year. A disabled country due to a disabled government. No electricity. No water. No jobs. A garbage crisis. A corrupt system from top to bottom. Traffic crisis. No jobs. Crime on the rise. Over 1 million Syrian refugees in a country of only 4.5 million people. Sectarian division, terrorist cells, armed groups, …. Yet the average Lebanese is not revolting. He keeps following his traditional, religious and sectarian leaders even if he has to starve to death.

I thought after the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon, the people will wake up, throw away those who took him to war, kept him under Syrian occupation ….. Instead, at the first opportunity, they voted those leaders in power. But hey, the Lebanese are proud of being the smartest in the region and defenders of democracy. Eh Ahlen.

The Loser

The vision of riding March 14 wave and standing behind the future movement in major decision even though some of these decisions doesn’t fit with the history of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea found himself outside the new formed government and most important marginalized. Those who marginalized him are his own allies: March 14. Most notably Saad Hariri and Amine Gemayel. Neither of them stood with Geagea call to form a neutral government. Instead, they both struck a deal with Hizbullah and formed a government with them. Geagea been calling for the past few month that he will not join a government in which Hizbullah is a member.

He thought, at least Saad Hariri, will appreciate his stand and will refuse such government. In addition, Samir Geagea thought by raising the demands, he can bargain for a large number of LF ministers and their portfolio in the new government. To his surprise, his close ally, Mr. Saad Hariri, struck a deal with Michel Aoun, Geagea political enemy in the Christian arena.

The government was formed due to a triple understanding: Shiite-Sunite, Sunite-Christian, and Shiite-Christian. In both, Sunite-Christian and Shiite-Christian understandings, Geagea was marginalized. Not only Hariri ignored Geagea demands, he struck a double deal with Hizbullah and Michel Aoun. From their part, Hizbullah stood firm with Aoun demands and both played the political game of carrot and stick that brought Hariri to their side.

Samir Geagea miscalculated once more. He ended up in the loser corner. He didn’t read well the American-Iranian approach, the Syrian war outcome, the Saudi-Iranian approach. The policy of taking decisions on his own and forming around him a team of incapable, Samir Geagea stand alone and might see his aim of becoming president in three month evaporate. For sure, Geagea clan will say he stood alone, he stood with his own believes and didn’t bow….. In reality, Geagea doesn’t want to be marginalized and left alone standing in the corner. Not at this important juncture in the region.

Who knows, maybe the final blow might come in few month and we will see Michel Aoun as president and Saad Hariri his prime minister. Maybe then, Geagea will realize that melting the LF in March 14 and following Hariri was a major mistake.

March 14 talk with no action

What a masquerade is March 14. For couple of days we heard and read about the insults flying in the parliament between March 14 and March 8 MPs. The goons from each group used all kind of street trash talk, insults, screaming, ….. in the past 2 days in the parliament questioning session. I do not feel ashamed to say I am Lebanese after watching them. Instead, I am proud to say that I never voted to any of these Muppets. I even called for boycotting the election that brought scums to represent the people. One can argue that scum only elects scum.
You can check a small example of their civilized debate:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dlAbieisaA’]

March 14 called for a session to question the government. Launched attacks on the government. Some speakers resulted to name calling and insults which invited March 8 deputies to meet them half way. When MP Sami Gemayel called for a non-confidence vote in order to bring down this government, March 14 MPs walkedout of the session. Weren’t March 14 MPs threatening in past couple of weeks that they will at least call for a non-confidence vote against at least two ministers. Why calling a questioning session and threaten with a non-confidence vote to walkout when it was time to cast your votes? The government  a vote of no confidence in parliament. 63 vote yes for this government and 3 against it (Sami Gemayel and 2 Kataeb MPs). There was no need for this session if you were not able to bring down this government. Nabih Berri should change the law and ban TV station from broadcasting these sessions. When he does that, the goons from both sides will not ask to speak in these sessions. There will be no TV to broadcast their words that excites the scums that follow them.
But can you tell me my dear Lebanese why you vote and support MPs who speak trash? Why to you vote for MPs who scream and threaten and when it is time to act, they bailout? Don’t you think it is about time to change those who talk and never work? Don’t you think it is about time to send March 14 MPs home and replace with MPs who will serve what is left of the Cedars Resolution in the next election?