If these don’t make people seek change, what will?

lebnon-flagA parliament that extends its own term. A paralysed government. A constitutional council that colluded with an unconstitutional extension. A Vacuum in the presidency for more than a year. A disabled country due to a disabled government. No electricity. No water. No jobs. A garbage crisis. A corrupt system from top to bottom. Traffic crisis. No jobs. Crime on the rise. Over 1 million Syrian refugees in a country of only 4.5 million people. Sectarian division, terrorist cells, armed groups, …. Yet the average Lebanese is not revolting. He keeps following his traditional, religious and sectarian leaders even if he has to starve to death.

I thought after the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon, the people will wake up, throw away those who took him to war, kept him under Syrian occupation ….. Instead, at the first opportunity, they voted those leaders in power. But hey, the Lebanese are proud of being the smartest in the region and defenders of democracy. Eh Ahlen.

Jumblatt proposal to get out of the crisis

In his weekly opinion in the “Anba'” online newspaper, MP Walid Jumblat stated this week his ideas to get out of the current crisis. I agree with the first point but I oppose the second and third ones.

First point: “Consensus must be reached on a complete package of appointments.”

Second point: regarding the presidential vacuüm, “It is time to end futile squabbles over this issue.” All sides must resort to a settlement to agree on a compromise candidate to end the crisis, which will consequently restore authority to the constitution and state institutions, added Jumblat. “The current local and regional circumstances have proven that there is difficulty for any of the major candidates to achieve their goal of becoming president,” he noted. “There is therefore no escape from reaching a settlement and agreeing on a compromise candidate” otherwise Lebanon is forever destined to remain at this impasse, argued the PSP chief.

Third point: He urged lawmakers to hold an “exceptional session” in Parliament to approve projects funded by international organizations, including a dam in southern Lebanon.

I agree with MP Jumblat that  all vacancies should be tackled by the government as one in order not to create several problems. When it comes to presidential elections, why doesn’t Jumblat pulls out his presidential candidate who didn’t receive enough votes in the first round of election? The other two candidates will not be elected as long as his few votes are holding the election process. In a way, he is also responsible for not electing a president. If his candidate didn’t get enough votes, it means he is not a compromise candidate. I understand why Jumblat opposes Aoun or Geagea but if wants to preach about putting ends to futile squabbles, he should act on his own words and be the first to pull out his candidate. I also disagree with him that the parliament should hold exceptional session to approve projects funded by international organizations. The priority should be electing a president. Those projects can wait.

The Term that fits

A Chauvinist pig thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women.

Yesterday, Zahle MP, Nicolas Fattouche, assaulted an employee of the courthouse in Baabda responsible for filing lawyers complaints. According to media sources, MP Fattouche arrived at the complaints office to file a complaint. The employee, Manale Daou was working on filing complaints but the MP insisted to serve him first. The deputy didn’t like that Mme Daou took few seconds to put the files she has in front of her in order, he proceeded to insult her and grabbed her by the shoulder trying to hit her. People at the scene calmed the MP who eventually left the office. Mme Daou didn’t file a complaint and some news sources said she was forced to send an apology to the deputy.

In a normal country an investigation would be opened, if the reports proved to be true, the deputy would be stripped of his immunity and brought to justice. But this is Lebanon, where chauvinist pigs become deputy, the story will vanishes in few days. Justice will not be served and Manal Daou, the civil servant in Baabda courthouse will be forced to stay silent. She will threatened directly or indirectly not to file a complaint against MP Fattoush. From his side, MP Fattoush will lead a normal life and probably will be elected again. Oh wait, I forgot, probably the parliament will accept the extension draft proposal presented by MP Fattoush few weeks ago to extend the term of Lebanon’s legislature for a period of 31 month.  It is to note that Fattoush had submitted the first Parliament extension draft law back in May 2013. He stroked 3 times, twice in the parliament and once in the Baabda courthouse. The victim of his strikes in the Parliament is the Lebanese people and in Baabda courthouse Manal Daou and every woman subjected to violence in Lebanon.


March 14 talk with no action

What a masquerade is March 14. For couple of days we heard and read about the insults flying in the parliament between March 14 and March 8 MPs. The goons from each group used all kind of street trash talk, insults, screaming, ….. in the past 2 days in the parliament questioning session. I do not feel ashamed to say I am Lebanese after watching them. Instead, I am proud to say that I never voted to any of these Muppets. I even called for boycotting the election that brought scums to represent the people. One can argue that scum only elects scum.
You can check a small example of their civilized debate:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dlAbieisaA’]

March 14 called for a session to question the government. Launched attacks on the government. Some speakers resulted to name calling and insults which invited March 8 deputies to meet them half way. When MP Sami Gemayel called for a non-confidence vote in order to bring down this government, March 14 MPs walkedout of the session. Weren’t March 14 MPs threatening in past couple of weeks that they will at least call for a non-confidence vote against at least two ministers. Why calling a questioning session and threaten with a non-confidence vote to walkout when it was time to cast your votes? The government  a vote of no confidence in parliament. 63 vote yes for this government and 3 against it (Sami Gemayel and 2 Kataeb MPs). There was no need for this session if you were not able to bring down this government. Nabih Berri should change the law and ban TV station from broadcasting these sessions. When he does that, the goons from both sides will not ask to speak in these sessions. There will be no TV to broadcast their words that excites the scums that follow them.
But can you tell me my dear Lebanese why you vote and support MPs who speak trash? Why to you vote for MPs who scream and threaten and when it is time to act, they bailout? Don’t you think it is about time to change those who talk and never work? Don’t you think it is about time to send March 14 MPs home and replace with MPs who will serve what is left of the Cedars Resolution in the next election?