lebnon-flagA parliament that extends its own term. A paralysed government. A constitutional council that colluded with an unconstitutional extension. A Vacuum in the presidency for more than a year. A disabled country due to a disabled government. No electricity. No water. No jobs. A garbage crisis. A corrupt system from top to bottom. Traffic crisis. No jobs. Crime on the rise. Over 1 million Syrian refugees in a country of only 4.5 million people. Sectarian division, terrorist cells, armed groups, …. Yet the average Lebanese is not revolting. He keeps following his traditional, religious and sectarian leaders even if he has to starve to death.

I thought after the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon, the people will wake up, throw away those who took him to war, kept him under Syrian occupation ….. Instead, at the first opportunity, they voted those leaders in power. But hey, the Lebanese are proud of being the smartest in the region and defenders of democracy. Eh Ahlen.

You have to rise above Lebanon to see its beauty. I had mixed feelings when I watched this video. I loved every scene and region (couples were left out). It reminded me why I have this deep love for this country even though when there are times I feel like I hate it with passion and lost hope in it. On the other hand, I felt sad and angry. We have a beautiful country and instead of enjoying and make it better, the Lebanese are following corrupt leaders and are divided by their sectarian sects. I still doubt that one day we will have a decent country without corruption, religious division, hate, and Zbeleh – garbage (be it real garbage or political garbage). Enjoy this short touristic ad about my beloved country and maybe one day the children of my children enjoy it from the street level and not from above.


Finally, Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea met today and revealed the declaration of Intent between both parties. After the meeting Samir Geagea said:” I’m happy to be here in Rabieh (Aoun residency) … We should have this meeting years ago … The LF and FPM are the largest two Christian groups in Lebanon, if they meet they can offer a positive outcome to Lebanon … this is point zero and now the dialogue starts …. we both want a strong president for Lebanon … we both agree that special session for the parliament should start with new election law as well as Lebanese citizenship law …” From his part Aoun said:” … I can’t repeat what Geagea said but I support it … It is a positive day and a gift to the christians of Lebanon … The decision is in our hands and we don’t want to damage the relations with others …”.

Well it is a great start and I hope that the two men realize that their unity is needed now beyond anything else. They must put aside their respective parties political interest and focus on what Lebanon need instead. I hope this will not be the last meeting and things progress faster between the two parties. Maybe these guys can prove me wrong one day but so far more is needed from them. A positive step in the right direction but it’s too little. A major step must be made fast to save what is left ….

The following is the LF-FPM Declaration of Intent:

  • We stress the need to endorse an independent foreign policy while building honest ties with all countries. Israel is an enemy and we reject normalization and call for a two-state solution.
  • The two parties call for the election of a strong president who is embraced by his community and capable of reassuring the other components of the country. The two parties agree to strengthen state institutions and resort to the law to resolve any sudden dispute. They agree not to resort to arms or violence and to support the army because it is the institution that can preserve sovereignty and national security.
  • The two parties underline their commitment to the Document of National Accord that was endorsed in Taef and call for avoiding anything that would manipulate the stipulations of the Constitution.
  • The two parties stress commitment to the approach of dialogue and underline their faith in Lebanon, the coexistence formula and the Constitution. They agree to endorse the principles of sovereignty in tackling the regional issues.

She filled charges against her husband for allegedly beating her over 20 years so he emptied 20 bullets in her body. Ali al-Zein killed his wife, Sara al-Amin, using an AK47 in the suburb of Dohat Aramoun, about 10 kilometers south of Beirut.

One of the sons told Al-Jadeed TV his father had kicked his mother out of the house over the weekend following a quarrel presumably linked to her pressing domestic violence charges against him earlier this month. He said his mother returned overnight before the murder and got into a fierce argument with her husband, adding that he and his siblings woke up to the sound of gunfire, only to find their mother lying on the sofa soaked in her own blood with their father still holding his weapon. The son said his father “had been beating my mother for 20 years,” adding: “We want justice.”

How many women need to be beaten and killed to put down rules to protect women? How many deaths are needed to develop a national strategy to educate people about violence against women? Family Violence is the most common form of violence experienced by women in Lebanon.

When will this chauvinist society understand that a real man doesn’t hit a woman with even a flower????


Only in Lebanon …. Terrorism trial for suspects in the Sidon clashes between Army and militants delayed because one of the suspects is sick and the other is in a football training camp with the Lebanese national team. Source: Daily Star

It is to note that the battle of Aabra – Sidon occurred  on June 2013, and involved the Lebanese Army and Sunni militants in the city of Sidon, Lebanon. Clashes between the followers of militant preacher Ahmed Al-Assir resulted in the deaths of 17–18 soldiers, 25–40 al-Assir gunmen and two civilians.


bachir gemayel

Its September 14. Its our yearly appointment. Both of us far away from the homeland. Both sad and disgusted to where our country ended up. I’m not like others who write pages and pages about you, your character, your dream and vision. On every 14 of September, I have my small chat with you and I remember. I used to renew the promise, but not this year. You have to excuse me not to renew it this year. So let us begin our chat as usual.

Bachir: Tell me what happened to our land?

Me: What land? The one you loved and gave your life for? The 10452 Square Km? The one you dreamed about uniting? 32 years had passed since that ugly September 14 and nothing has changed. The land is still divided, small Islamic emirate here, another wilayat Faqih there and the farms that you hated, are still there but this time the small farm owners had changed. Our land still reeling under the press releases of unity, sovereignty and empty words.  We are still 10452 years away from your 10452 Square Km.

Bachir: How about the State?

Me: What should I tell you? The State been without a President for some time. You remember your friends in arms: Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun? Do you remember when I told you about the war of brothers and how thousands were killed during that war? Do you remember when I told you about the imprisonment of Samir and the banishment of Aoun to France? Do you remember when Aoun returned and Geagea was set free? Do you remember what I told you? They will continue their own battle till the last Christian standing in Lebanon and the region? (Christians are almost vanished in the region and soon in Lebanon). This time both are engaged in a presidential battle till the last Christian standing in Lebanon. Their allies are using them to make sure that at the end of the day, the Christians of Lebanon stay weak and divided.

Bachir: How about the Land?

Me: Still being violated by many. Borders are still open to whoever wants to enter. Recently ISIS, Nusra and their sisters … who they are? Do you remember why you stood up and fought for? What groups? Remember your speech in which you said: “We will not “Ashmil” and our bells will stay up … . Well this is the newest version, more aggressive and barbaric. The Syrian army as you know left. But now we have a different Syrian invasion. We have over a million Syrian refugee. Don’t be surprised and yes we never learned the lesson. I know what the Palestinian refugees saga led to at the end. The Lebanese so called politicians did the same mistake. The results of the Palestinian refugees were felt after a decade or two, the Syrian one was felt after a year. Your dream of a unified 10452 square km is still a dream. You have armed groups all over the country. Some called Resistance, others Ansar al-Mouqawama, others Nusra, ISIS, … As for the army, ah well the same old story, never allowed to get equipped so it will not make a positive change in the country. What happened to the money from selling the LF weapons? Hmmmm, let me pas this issue it will upset some people in the organisation you built. One day I will tell you.

Bachir: How about the people?

Me: More divided than ever. Some say more complicated than ever. But I tell, and honestly, they become less intelligent. Majority are blind followers of this leader or that one. Ready to kill each other. Some divided on the political level. Others on the sect level. And it goes on an on. Yeah we are in the 21 century but the people are stuck in the 19 century as it seems. Some they want just live and many are barely living. But be sure, none of them will rise and say enough is enough, we want our dignity and lives back.

Bachir: How about my rifa’, my comrades?

Me: Oh your rifa’ … some everything stopped with your death. Others as I told you over the years, kept fighting each other to inherit what you have left behind. Some stayed clean and decided not to have their friends bloods on their hands. The way of labeling others traitor still going on and on a high note. When one of them can’t face the idea of the other or has a different opinion than his, automatically the “Tikhwein” starts. Many still talk in the name of the “cause” but they are on the opposite side of it. Some became linked to this “service” or that “service”. Money is flooding and for sure not from the party they are doing for fundraising. Very few are still loyal to the cause, their rifa’ and the martyrs. They kept working silently and helped silently. Many started to think of a change to do something to set the record straight. They think they owe it to you, your rifa’ the martyrs and those still living.

As you see nothing has changed since last year. Don’t get angry at me. You asked and I answered. But hey they keep saying: “Bachir lives in us”. It seems the one who lives in them is the dead one and not the one that we knew.



Mousl in Iraq has been emptied of its Christians. They fled amid threats to convert or die. Mosul is considered the second largest city in Iraq. It housed around 60,000 Christians. Today no Christian is left in Mosul.

Muslim extremist group ISIS ordered all Christians to convert to Islam or get killed.  They left.

The end of Christianity in Iraq is very near. Two million Christians called Iraq home before operation desert storm. Many have left during the wave of attacks against them in Baghdad and other regions years ago and the rest have been forced to flee today.

Who is to blame? We can blame many factions. The West for creating the fiasco in Iraq and the region. The Arab regimes who supported Muslim extremists for many reasons. The Christians themselves. Yeah the Christians of Iraq. They should have reacted long before. They should have seen this coming. After all what happened in the pas years, they should have predicted that the time will come and they will be attacked and forced to leave. They saw what happened in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. They saw what happened during the waves of attack with car bombs and executions after. With the rise of ISIS in the region, they should have seen it coming. What did the Christians of Iraq do since the 1990’s? They relied on the Iraqi government for security. This would be normal if the country runs normally. They could have learned the lessons from the Christians of Lebanon. Lebanese Christians saw the danger coming. They experienced it in 1958. What did they do? Instead of staying idle, they started by training and arming themselves. This could have been an option to Iraqi Christians. Out of 2 million Iraqi Christians, they could have mobilized a hundred thousand to defend them.

Where we ended up today? Iraq empty of its Christians, France offering them asylum (maybe this was the plan from the beginning).  This was the plan for Lebanon, but Lebanese Christians defied it, paid the price by blood, lost a bit of their political power but they are still alive and doing relatively well in Lebanon.  In Syria, the Christians are clinging to a dictator hoping he will save them from the outcome of Iraqi Christians. In Lebanon, the Christians leaders are drowning in their ego and alliances and if they don’t pull their shit together, they will face the same outcome.

Charles Malek, in his article “A lot is required from Maronite Christians”, he wrote: “If free Christianity fell in Lebanon, and Lebanon is its last stronghold in the Orient, it will end not only in the Middle East, but also in Asia and Africa.  This responsibility is serious and dangerous!  The Maronites are the first responsible of this free Christianity in front of her divine providence. Are they aware of this responsibility?  Do they realize the danger? Do they understand the significance of what they have been entrusted with? Are they ready to carry it in front this holy providence and history? Are they able to carry this burden?”

Where are the Maronites of Lebanon? Can they carry the burden? They did for a while. They stood up and defended until the day they got divided and fought each other.  Since that day decadence took over. Since the 1990’s they are in a free fall. They can’t change because their leaders don’t want them to change. Their leaders own existence is based on this division. Yet the supporters, with all what is going on in Lebanon and the region, can’t realize that this division is the end of free Christianity as Charles Malek put it.

What can the Christians of Lebanon do? Sadly, all they can manage is an online campaign to post a “Noun” (N in Arabic) on a Facebook status, a tweet about it or wear a t-shirt with “Noun” on it.

What a tragedy …  What a loss …. what and end ….


Alan Boyle wrote the following article to NBCNEWS

Archaeologists have found a treasure trove of ancient artifacts at a dig in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, including a 4-foot-high (115-centimeter-high) statue of a Phoenician priest dating back more than 2,500 years.

“Nothing comparable has been found in Lebanon since the early 1960s,” Lebanon’s Daily Star quoted the excavation’s leader, Claude Doumit Serhal, as saying. The priest portrayed in the statue is wearing a pleated kilt, and in his left fist he holds an object that experts suggest could be a scroll or a handkerchief.

To read the article, follow this link.


On this day, I found the words of a friend, Selmen Smeha, are the best to describe, this day and what many of us are thinking about. Sorry it is in Arabic:

الى ابي و امي و اخوتي،
اليوم الذكرى التاسعة لجلاء الجيش السوري من لبنان…
في هذا اليوم اقدم اعتذاري لكم، لكل ما قضيتموه بسببي طيلة وجود هذا الاحتلال…
لكل السهر و القلق و الزعل و الغضب و الدموع و القهر الذي تسببته لكم…
لم اكن لاعتذر اليوم لو لم يدس كل رفاقي منذ ذلك اليوم وحتى يومنا هذا على كل تضحياتكم…
لم يتعلموا شيئاً من ظلم و ظلامية تلك السنوات…
لبسوا الشالات الحمر والبييض متباهين متبخترين…
غرتهم المنابر و الشاشات…
اضاعت توازنهم القاب ” المناضل” و” المقاوم “….
باللبناني الدارج بيقولوا ” شم ريحة باطو”…
تسابقوا من يريد ان ” يقطفها ” قبل الثاني…على حساب “الثاني” لا مانع…نكاية ” بالثاني” لا فرق…
تنازلوا للجميع وعلى كل شيئ…ولم يتقدموا بخطوة واحدة تجاه بعضهم
تصالحوا مع الجميع…واستعادوا حقدهم وعدائهم لبعضهم البعض…
لكل ما سبق…ولكل ما سوف يأتي من هزائم نهرول اليها بايدينا و ارجلنا…
اعتذر منك امي…ابي…اختي..اخي…
A Syrian refugee holds a baby in a refug...A Syrian refugee hold

A good paper written by Sam van Vliet and Guita Hourani. “This paper explores these variations by analyzing, first, differences among host communities and, second, by examining the dissimilarities among geographic settlements. The paper reveals that the conditions of Syrian refugees depend on the geographical areas of their settlement within Lebanon. Host-refugee relations also show a direct relationship to the variant geographical areas and their socio-demographic compositions. This paper concludes that geographical differences are of vital importance to be considered when studying the living conditions of refugees, developing policies, or designing aid programs.

To continue reading this article online follow this Link.  Or you can Download a PDF version.