After 20 years, they tried to assassinate the son

From left to right: Martyr Mustafa Jeha and his son Mustafa Mustafa Jeha

After 20 years, they tried to assassinate the son.
Unknown assailants opened fire on the car of journalist Mustafa Mustafa Jeha (named after his father), who escaped unscathed in the incident that took place on the highway south of Beirut on Saturday night, the National News Agency reported. Jeha, 26, told police that gunmen riding a black Mercedes chased him on the Damour-Jiyeh highway before opening fire on his silver-colored Mercedes near the Oceana beach resort. NNA said his vehicle was riddled with six bullets.
His father, Mustafa Jeha was assassinated as he drove his car through the eastern Beirut Christian district of Saad el-Bouchrieh on January 15, 1992.
It seems the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to cut down any journalist or Shiite Muslim who criticizes the Ayatollah’s Republic of Iran. Mustafa Jeha, the father, was a Shiite Muslim writer and journalist who had sharply criticized fundamentalists and Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, was assassinated due to his writings. He received several threats before he was gunned down on a January morning in 1992. Mustafa lived with his family in the Christian sector of Beirut to escape the wrath of Muslim fundamentalists who had assailed his writings. He was sheltered by barriers that divided Beirut into Muslim and Christian halves. After signing the Taef accord and most of the Militia dismantled their militias, some in the name of Fighting for Allah and the “resistance” kept their weapons. Their mentality of death couldn’t handle the pen of a Shiite Muslim who wrote about their wrong doing and opposed their ideology of death. Mustafa Jeha was assassinated for publishing the Crisis of Mind in Islam (Mihnat al Aql fil Islam) and Khomeini assassinates Zaradasht (Al-Khomeini Yaghtal Zaradasht).
After 20 years, the same hands tried to assassinate the son in the same way and for the same reasons. Mustafa, the son, is outspoken about the Ayatollah rule and their hands in Lebanon. In addition, he started to republish his fathers’ books.
I have the honour to meet and read Mustafa, the father, books. I had the honour to be in the same class of one of his daughters (in a Christian School). I had the honour to meet his son, Ali who was a member of the Lebanese Forces. I didn’t meet Mustafa, the son, but I know what kind of man he is. His father didn’t back down and gave his life for the Lebanon he believed in, his brother Ali stood on fronts defending the Lebanon he believed in. Mustafa is no different, he is outspoken and few bullets will not stop him.
A week ago, Samir Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces, miraculously survived an assassination attempt when he was shot at by “snipers” as he was walking outside his residence in Maarab. On Saturday an attempt on Mustafa Jeha who recently launched Lebanese Sovereignty Movement, a political party which is very critical of Hezbollah. He also recently called for reopening of the file of his father’s assassination. It seems that the orders were given to start a new wave of assassination. In 2004, MP Marwan Hamadeh also survived and assassination attempt and right after several assassinations took place.
20 years ago Mustafa Jeha was assassinated in order to muzzle his voice and dry his pen. Today his son faced a similar scenario for the same reasons and survived. Didn’t they get it yet? Didn’t they get that assassination, kidnapping, torture … Never worked on free people? Didn’t they get the memo that said you can kill a body but you can never kill a “thought?”
Martyr Mustafa Juha was once asked “Mr. Mustafa all your writings are dangerous and filled with danger to your life. Regardless of whether you are right or wrong, in part or in whole in the eyes of this group or that one, why don’t you spare yourself and your family and write with a bit of moderation and appeasement?”
Martyr Jeha laughed and with a confident smile replied:
“I write to Lebanon. My life and my family aren’t more dear than my country!”
It was said to him: “not everyone who reads your work will understand your noble intentions and appreciates your message, and here lies the danger, danger!”
He replied: “If ignorance, the real killer, is going to take my life as it took the lives of thousands of innocent and honourable Lebanese from all sects and groups on checkpoints, roads, and squares then let him take it. History will have to write my name amongst the names of martyrs who died for liberty, the cause and the duty”
I end with a quote from the introduction of Mustafa Jeha book “Crisis of Mind in Islam”:

تحت الخزف رمل . تحت الرمل تراب . تحت التراب ماء . تحت الماء
رمل. تحته البترول . تحت البترول ماء . تحت الماء صخر . تحت
الصخر الكلس . تحت الكلس جذور العقل الإسلامي … العربي