Since the independence

Since Lebanon became an independent country, the Kataeb party was the party of the president. It always supported the president of the republic. Few month ago, Sami Gemayel was elected the head of the party.   Since then he has been fighting the wrong battle and taking wrong decisions. He accepted to be part of a Hizbullah government and by the end. Of thrthe government life he decided to pull out the ministers that represent the party in the government. To make the story short, he lost couple of ministers.  He waged a wrong timed war on garbage collection, the result tons of garbage stayed on the streets and he never presented a solution. Few weeks ago, he opposed the election of Aoun as president of the country and acted like a jackass during the election (nothing close to his grandlpa class act or uncle). The little boy was pissed because his dad wasn’t elected as president. Yet, little Sami is crying foul because the Kataeb might not have a minister In the new government. Yesterday, his group were caught covering the picture of the newly elected president by Sami’s picture. Moral of the story: if your grandfather was a great political ma and your uncle  was an amazing leader it doesn’t mean you are capable of being a fraction of what they were.

Sami Gemayel did it !!!!

6 days ago I asked Sami Gemayel, head of the Kataeb party, to stop threatening and if he is serious, he should ask his 2 ministers to resign from the government and to stop covering theft… Today, Sami did it.

The Kataeb Party has decided to ask its two ministers Sejaan Qazzi and Alain Hakim to resign from Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s government, Kataeb chief MP Sami Gemayel announced on Tuesday.

“The Kataeb Party has decided to resign from the government because Lebanon needs a ‘positive shock’,” said Gemayel at a press conference.

“For a while now, they have been trying to suppress us through cabinet mechanisms that were created with the aim of stifling our opinion and preventing us from stopping their deals,” Gemayel added.

“They are not concerned with protecting the banking sector against the verbal attacks and they did not care about the economic plan that was submitted by the economy minister (Hakim),” Gemayel went on to say.

“They are only concerned with passing suspicious deals,” he said.

Bravo Sami. Geagea and Aoun should reach out to Sami and include him in their project.

Stop threatening .. Resign.

Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel Said yesterday that his party’s ministers might resign or suspend their participation in cabinet sessions should their presence in the government cease to “serve the interest of the Lebanese.” He added: “Our presence in the government is useful when we manage to stop corruption and benefit the Lebanese, but should our presence cease to serve the interest of the Lebanese then it would become unnecessary,”

Sami said the same thing on August 28, 2015 and on May 2, 2016. In less than a year, kataeb leader threatened 3 times that his 3 ministers might resign from the government. Sami been hinting that the kataeb party can’t cover the government decisions anymore and yet his ministers never resigned. My dear sami, either you put your words into action or simply zip it.

They Came to us .. to our project …


How many times I heard these words … They came to us … to our project … Lebanon first … our strategic alliance…

How many times, I tried to explain that no one came to your side, they don’t follow your project or “Lebanon First” but to no avail. We have a famous Lebanese saying: “To whom will you read your Psalms Oh David?”…. Meaning, no one is listening and no one understands…

“Cherchez la femme” doesn’t work here instead “Cherchez le Petrole” (Look for the oil) is the term to use. The hidden treasure that experts valued around a Trillion dollars will put in bed people who you never thought they will sit on the same table. In order to control the oil production and its profit, Hariri group revealed their true colors. It was never about Syrian occupation, who killed Hariri, Lebanon independence…. it’s about the Trillion dollar industry.

For the naive, who once believed in the lies, did you wake up now?

In order to control Lebanon oil, Hariri decided to run with Sleiman Franjieh  for president. Franjieh, for those who do not know, is a strong supporter of Hizballah, the Syrian Baath regime and close friend with Bashar Assad. Logic says, who ever accept Franjieh for sure will accept Aoun. The problem with Aoun, specifically with his son-in-law Gebran Basil, he wants a bigger piece of the pie. He already set up companies to do the offshore drilling.

So, the minute Hariri saw the reaction of Geagea and Aoun to his support to Franjieh, he decided to squeeze his “strategic” ally. Recently, Geagea asked for a meeting with Saudi officials. The visit was refused and he wasn’t granted a visit to Saudi Arabia. Instead, they sent the Saudi ambassador to see him. On the other hand, Hariri machine started on several levels to portray that Aoun and Geagea are not the only ones who decide for the Christian community. They set up a meeting for Michel Sleiman, ex-president of Lebanon, with the King of Saudi Arabia. They are in the process of setting up another meeting for Sami Gemayel, head of Kataeb party, to visit the Saudi Kingdom.

From his side, Geagea felt the hanging rope getting too close to his neck. He rallied his hardliners and told them “it is 1994 again …. This time I will not allow them to send me to jail …”.

Geagea will live another day (politically) due to the recent clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

They never came to your side…. they have used you so your voice will never rise and your community will never control the wealth of the country. At the end of the day your debt will double and all what you will this is….. (Lebanese profanity).


They wonder why Lebanon doesn’t advance

People keep wondering how come Lebanon doesn’t advance. Why with all the talent the Lebanese people have, they can’t build a country. Put religion aside, the Lebanese can’t live outside political “Iqtaa”. What is “Iqtaa”? It is like feudalism. “El Za3im”, the feudal lord, will give his place to a member of his family. Most of the time, it’s given to the male member of the family. Don’t forget, Lebanon is a chauvinistic society par excellence. It seems that the Lebanese people, even though they always tell you that they are defender of freedom, can’t get rid of the feudal system which was introduced to them by the Ottoman. Lebanon took its independence in 1943. Since then, it fell under feudal occupation.  The best three examples of this feudal system that is bringing Lebanon to its knees are the PSP, Marada and Kataeb party. Last January, Walid Jumblatt, the head of PSP party, said that he will handover his parliamentary seat to his son. Soon after, his son, Taymour, started taking his place in weekly meeting with the people to ease or solve their problems. Soon after, Sleiman Franjiyeh, the head of Marada party, said that he wants his son to replace him as MP. On their party, the Kataeb party, made a small off off Broadway play and Sami Gemayel was elected as head of the Kataeb party. It is to note that his father, Amin was the previous party president. 

And they wonder why Lebanon is not advancing….

Not so innocent ….

Two things occurred during the last attempt to pick a Lebanese President that I think are not so innocent.

– Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, said out loud the names of dead people who appeared on the cancelled ballots.

– Deputy Sami Gemayel who asked Nabih Berri twice to repeat the name of Jihan Franjieh because he didn’t hear it.

The influx of Syrian and Palestinian refugees

Palestinian Refugees Crossing to Lebanon (AFP)
Palestinian Refugees Crossing to Lebanon (AFP)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres after meeting Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mekati said that while the expectations were to have a total of 500,000 Syrian refugees to flee their war-torn country by the end of 2012, the current figure has in fact reached 700,000 refugees. The UN Higher Refugees Council said in its latest report issued On December 15, 2012 that the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached 156,000. Up to 115,000 refugees registered officially with the agency, while 41,000 others are waiting to be registered, according to the report. There are currently 59,020 refugees registered in north Lebanon, 45,969 in the Bekaa and 10,223 in Beirut and south Lebanon. The agency is registering around 1,500 Syrian refugees on daily basis, most of whom have fled Syrian cities of Homs, Aleppo and Damascus.
Naharnet reported that until this week, around 10,000 Palestinians had fled from Syria to Lebanon, but since the latest violence another 3,000 had crossed the border or were in the process of crossing, UNRWA deputy chief of staff Lisa Gilliam said on Wednesday. The latest battle in Yarmuk Palestinian camp in Syria is pushing Palestinians to seek refuge in Lebanon.

Lebanon is not equipped to handle this amount of refugees and these numbers will affect the country. The Lebanese economy is under strain and the refugees will add a great burden to manage. In addition, Lebanese have bad memories when it comes to refugees. The Palestinian refugees from Arabs war with Israel played a major role in igniting the Lebanese civil war. With Lebanon division between Pro and Against Assad regime and the involvement of several Lebanese groups in supporting opposite groups in the Syrian crisis, these refugees will add oil to the fire.

This is not 1975, this is 2012. The difference is that today Christian’s leaders are engaged in a bitter fight to see who will gain more deputies in next year parliamentary elections. Samir Geagea accused Aoun of favoring the government proposed law because it will bring Aoun and Hizbullah back to power (maybe in his mind he thinks that his political opposition should work for him and Saad Hariri to return to power). Michel Aoun sees March 14 move to boycott the government and the parliament as an illegal action and an attempt to keep the current election law. Michel Aoun forgot that few years ago he blessed Hizbullah boycott and closing the parliament. Amine Gemayel is trying hard to play a role similar to Jumblat but has no chance in succeeding. While his son, Sami, is busy with the “we” the resistance and hitting at Samir Geagea resistance.   Toni Sleiman Franjieh, son of Marada Leader Sleiman Franjieh, declared that he will be running in next elections. He would replace his father in a parliamentary seat in Zghorta because being a deputy is an inheritance in Lebanese politics. Their followers are no better; yesterday they have nothing to do but clash among each other in front of a university.

Historical events are occurring in the region, Lebanon demographics are changing and yet the supposed to be Christian “leaders” only care about their seats in the next elections. I can’t imagine any of this would have happened if the Lebanese Front still exists. It is the end of 2012; communities and nation suppose to advance. It turned out that: Camille Chamoun, Pierre Gemayel,  Abbot Boulos Naaman, Charles Malik, Fouad Afram Boustany, Edouard Honein (members of the Lebanese Front) were far more advance than the current Christian leaders. At the end of their famous document “The Lebanon We Want to Build”, December 23rd 1980, in which they addressed all Lebanese they wrote: “We reap according to the abundance of our heart, and our heart is full of matter and determination.  No man full in his heart as we are can be excused if he is overcome with fear or irresolution or even the frustration consequent upon failure. Unite, and you shall overcome.   And, with God’s help, we shall overcome.”  Christmas is around the corner and instead of planting love and forgiveness in the hearts of the Lebanese, Christian “leaders” are planting hatred and division in the hearts of the community. We will reap more violence, more division, more hatred and more destruction.